The Kohls have spoken at our clinics for several years. The feedback we get from coaches is that the Kohls are extremely informative and helpful speakers. They are the epitome of what we look for in a speaker: educated, focused, helpful, and responsive to our coaches. 



NFL & Professional Players

Coaches and Recruiters

** Names withheld for NCAA Compliance

"I have been around Jamie Kohl for many years. I feel he does an excellent job of teaching and coaching the details of kicking and punting."

**Withheld (WAC assistant coach) ()

"Jamie and Andy Kohl did a fantastic job of presenting information at our coaching clinic. The coaches came away impressed with Jamie and Andy and their program."

Bob Brezowitz (Retired Head Coach D III) ()

"The Kohls are honest hard working people who have a lot to offer in the field of kicking and punting."

**Withheld (Former Big XII North Head Coach ) ()

"The Kohl's do an outstanding job of coaching the correct technique in their kickers and punters. Their athletes benefit from the exposure a Kohl's camp provides."

**Withheld (Current Big East Special Teams Coach) ()

"The Kohls see athletes from all over the nation. They do a great job of giving accurate detailed information about the best prospects they see."

**Withheld (MAC Assistant Coach) ()

Parents and Athletes

"We've been attending the Kohl's Kicking camps and events since 2005 and have always appreciated the professional manner the sessions are conducted from registration through check-out ... of course, the instruction and skill development is the most important aspect of these sessions and we've always felt that Jamie gives 110% of himself and his experience to his students. If you don't learn from him, you're not listening."

Ron Ewald (Father of top 5 national kicker for 2009) ()

"The Kohls Family has very high standards for support and communication. They truly are interested in the success and progress of their players. Throughout my senior season there was commitment for me to excel and all during the recruitment process they were there to give recommendations to coaches. If a kicker is serious about moving to the highest level, the Kohls need to be part of the process."

Derek Dimke (Commit-U of I; Kicker) ()

"Jamie, thanks for all you do. When Georgetown first started recruiting me, Brad Dunlay, the coach who I was in contact with, took my film to the special teams coach. It turned out that the special teams coach had already heard of me because he checked the (Kohl's) scholarship camp results online. Also, this is an e-mail I received back during my season from the Harvard Special Teams Coach before I even got to mention anything about attending the scholarship camp: Aaron: Got a updated stat sheet form Kohl's Kicking Camp - saw you had a great punting performance. Combined with your outstanding academics, we would be very interested to learn more about you, especially considering our extreme need for a punter in this upcoming class... "

Aaron Hassett (Commit-U of Pitt; Punter) ()


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