Kohl's Announces College Kicking Camps We Will Be Leading in 2016!

Kohl's will lead college Kicking camps all over nation this summer. It is an honor to be trusted by many of the top coaches in the NCAA. We are excited to announce our summer college tour. College coaches know we see more high school campers than anyone else in America. They also have grown to know and trust our word over the last 17 years. The quality of our college camp tour is proof of the strong relationships that exist between Kohl's and the nation's top college coaches. This is a great chance for 2017/2018 kickers, punters, and snappers to receive training and to been seen by top college coaches. To register for a college camp, please go to their websites to sign up....NOTE: Kohl's cannot rank anyone at a college/NCAA camp

Auburn Kicking Camp - June 12

Oklahoma Kicking Camp - June 7

Florida State Kicking Camp - June 11

Notre Dame Kicking Camp - June 13

Northwestern Kicking Camp - June 9

Iowa State Kicking Camp - June 8

South Carolina Kicking Camp - June 5

North Carolina Kicking Camp - June 15

U of Virginia Kicking Camp - June 23

Arkansas Kicking Camp - June 18

Arizona State Kicking Camp - June 2-3

Memphis Kicking Camp June 16th

Bowling Green Kicking Camp June 6th

Boston College Kicking Camp - June 22

Rutgers Kicking Camp June 17th 

Vanderbilt Kicking Camp

Missouri Kicking camp - June 14

Wisconsin Kicking Camp - June 12 and June 26 (Kohl's will be assisting not leading these events)

FAU Kicking Camp - July 27

Pitt Kicking Camp June 10th 

North Texas Kicking Camp - July 29

Southern Illinois Kicking Camp July 14th  

Charleston Southern Kicking Camp July 8th 


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