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Kohl's Kicking Becomes Selection Partner For Blue-Grey Bowl Games

As Kohl's Kicking has continued to grow as the leader in the kicking and long snapping communities, this year is no different.  We are happy to announce that Kohl's has partnered with the Blue-Grey All-American Bowls to provide athletes yet another big stage to showcase their talents.

The Blue-Grey All American Bowls are in their 5th year, showing both a large growth in talent and exposure.  With three games played in NFL stadiums, Dallas Cowboy's AT&T Stadium, Oakland Raiders' Coliseum and Jacksonville's EverBank Field, Blue-Grey provides an excellent platform for experience and exposure.

2016 NFL Draft Pays Off Big For Kohl's Kicking Athletes

The 2016 NFL Draft was a special weekend for longtime Kohl's Kicking Camp athletes. The first major highlight of the NFL Draft for Kohl's specialists came in just the 2nd round, when kicker Roberto Aguayo of Florida State was selected by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. The pick makes Aguayo the highest draft pick for a kicker in the past 11 years. The first punter to be selected in the 2016 NFL Draft came in the 6th round when the San Diego Chargers selected Drew Kaser or Texas A&M. Then, in the 7th round the Denver Broncos selected Riley Dixon of Syracuse. All athletes have been a regular part of the Kohl's Kicking program.

USA Today Highlights Coach Kohl's Advice in 3-Part Recruiting Series

USA Today columnist Patrick O'Brien released a three part series in which he covered recruiting in the digital age. Coach Jamie Kohl, director of Kohl's Kicking Camps, was a key source along with others in the series providing some vital insight into recruiting. You can read the series below.

"Getting Recruited to Play Sports in the Digital Age" -by Patrick O'Brien


Part 1: Pregame 

2015 NFL Draft OUTSTANDING for Current Kohl's Athletes!

The 2015 NFL Draft was a special one for longtime Kohl's Kicking Camp athletes. The highlight of the NFL Draft for Kohl's specialists came back-to-back in the 5th round when the 49ers selected punter Bradley Pinion of Clemson. San Francisco's selection was immediatley followed by the Patriots pick of Navy long snapper Joe Cardona.

Immediatley following the NFL Draft, an overwhelming amount of kickers, punters and snappers from the Kohl's program were offerred contracts, mini camp and training camp opportunities.

Kohl's Kicking Athlete NFL Signings & Camp Invites

Jamie Kohl's latest article on highlights top specialists in Class of 2015

Kohl's Kicking Camp Director and ESPN Evaluator Jamie Kohl along with Kohl's Kicking Assistant Lead Coach Luke Radke share on their evaluations for the top kickers in the Class of 2015 who could very well have an immediate impact at their college programs of choice in 2015.

Read their article on ESPN: Highlighting top specialists in Class of 2015

Top Kickers in Class of 2015

SMSB Football Partnership - Biggest exposure opportunity of the summer

In an ongoing attempt to give Kohl's Kicking, Punting and Long Snapping athletes the best possible exposure to college coaches, the Kohl's staff is excited to announce it's partnership with Sound Mind Sound Body Football Academy for their camp in Detroit, MI featuring over 100 college coaches.

Together, the event will give kickers, punters and long snappers the opportunity to showcase themselves directly to college coaches as well as provide them with the opportunity to learn vital life lessons fro mthe country's top coaches.

REGISTER: Sound Mind Sound Body Camp - Detroit, MI - June 9-10

The graphic below shows college programs who have confirmed they will be in attendance:

ABC News reporter Pep Fernandez reports from recent Kohl's training camp!

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Pep stopped by the Kohl's Bakersfield, California training camp last week and gave our campers a special opportunity to be seen by the local ABC audience.  Coach Lorenzo Alvarez helped set everything up with the camp and does a great job locally with many kickers/punters/snappers.


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Check out what top kickers/punters are saying about Kohl's football camps!  These are many of the top high school kickers, punters, and snappers.  Some have been to other camps and they understand the difference between a Kohl's camp experience and other camps they've been to. We feel very strong about maintaining a personal relationship with our campers.

Video Scenes from Camps

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To learn more about Kohl's history and rise to the top of the industry click on the following link:, you can also see camp videos of amazing kicking, punting, snapping scenes  You can see first hand the elite coaching and training our kickers, punters, snappers receive at our camps and private lessons. We teach our campers the most effective and efficient kicking, punting, and snapping techniques used today.

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