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Long-Snapping Camps

Kohl's Snapping Camps will be in more locations and offer more training options in 2016 than ever before.  Coach Casey Casper will lead the snapping division in 2016.  Our snapper ratings are sent to every college program that offers football scholarships.  Our top 2016 snapping campers will have profiles made on ESPN.com and also be included in articles written by Kohl's staff from training camps from all over the nation. Our goal in 2016 is to have America's premier snapping camps.  We will again select the snapper's to play in the Under Armour All-American Game.  Our influence in snapping at the national level continues to grow to the point where almost every D1 school that offered a snapping scholarship last year consulted with us and wanted our feed back on players we've seen. Check out Kohl's 2015 college signing list and see the guys who were helped by Kohl's snapping camps. If you are a serious snapper our snapping division is now at a point after 12 years where we can offer the best value nationally to our snappers.   



Recent Email - I wanted to write because Theresa, and I are so impressed with Jamie's credibility within the collegiate Football network, and his commitment to PJ. I am sure this rings true with the rest of the Kohl's team. There is no way we could have the resourced all the teams that have shown an interest in PJ.  You guys have given PJ all the tools to succeed at division-1 level. Further Jamie has given us some very good and sincere insight on the schools that have shown an interest in PJ. Kevin has kept in touch with PJ and I. PJ feels a very close bond with both Jamie, and staff. We are one set of parents who are beaming with pride knowing our son will have a chance to realize a dream of playing in a big time program. This would not have been possible had we not attended the Kohl's Camp. --Pete Mangieri (father of former Nebraska Snapper

Equipment to Bring

  • 1-2 Footballs
  • Football Shoes & Athletic Shoes
  • Water Bottle/Thermos
  • Hand Towel (Optional)

CAMP ITINERARY NOTE: Typical 2-day training camp itinerary shown below. 1-day, Showcase, and Scholarship Camp Itineraries will vary slightly.

  • kevin_garvoille_02Day 1 - Registration is at 8:30am 
  • 8:30 am to 12:00 pm
  • The athlete will warm up in large or small group
  • The athlete will be filmed on the short snap immediately to initiate starting point
  • The athlete will preform drills to increase accuracy, consistency and velocity
  • The athlete will be given individual one-on-one instruction
  • 1:15 pm to 3:30 pm
  • The athlete will be filmed immediately after warm-up on the long snap
  • Film will be broken down and technique will be addressed
  • The athlete will preform drills from the morning session to increase accuracy, consistence and velocity
  • The athlete will have the opportunity to preform live with punters and kickers to work on accuracy and timing
  • The athlete will be given an opportunity to compete against other athletes in a competitive atmosphere 


  • Day 2
  • 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • The athlete will warm up in large or small group
  • The athlete will preform drills to increase accuracy, consistency and velocity
  • The athlete will be given one-on-one instruction while working on the long and short snap  

1:15 pm to 3:00 pm

  • The athlete will be charted based on accuracy and time for the long and short snap
  • The athlete will meet with the snapping instructor after camp and will be given individual feedback

1 Day Camp will run from 8 am until 4:30 pm with Registration starting at 8 am unless emailed otherwise.


Key Coaching Points of Long and Short Snapping

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Addressing the ball
  • Hips and arm movement
  • The snap
  • Follow through
  • Differences in long and short snap
  • Snapper into protection schemes  


14 Year NFL Veteran Rob Davis Coaches at Kohl's National Events

Snapping Drills

  • Ball slaps and ball drops
  • Wrist circles
  • Snapback and Overhand throws
  • Fast pitch throw
  • One-handed snaps
  • Two-handed overhead pass
  • Varying distance snaps
  • Wet ball drills 

Strength and Flexibility Drills Specific for Snapping


Weighted snap Reverse push-ups Leg lock
Lat hangs Straight arm push downs      Granny throws
Elevators Pretzel Med ball squat throws
Deep / bear squat      Crossovers Med ball squat press and chase     


Off-Season and In-Season Workout Routines
*Complete Team Program and add supplemental lifts from above list and or the following list.


Focus on Explosive Movements/Lower Body
  1. Hang cleans
  2. Squats
  3. Dead lifts
  4. Granny throws
  5. Squat throws
  6. Box jumps
  7. Good mornings
Upper Body/Back
  1. Lat pull downs
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Straight arm push-downs
  4. Reverse push-up
  5. Low row/DB row
  6. Reverse DB fly
  7. Lying bent arm lat pull
Core Strength
  1. Med ball sit-ups
  2. Leg raises
  3. Oblique crunch
  4. Bicycles
  5. Skyscrapers
  6. Med ball slams
  7. Medball chops
Auxiliary Lifts
  1. Tricep pushdowns
  2. Push-ups
  3. Kickbacks
  4. Elevators
  5. Weighted/med ball snaps
  6. Lathangs
  7. Dips

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Major City - Venue State Datesort icon Camp Type
Atlanta, GA - 2 Day Training Camp - Feb. 27-28, 2016 GA Feb 27 2016 - Feb 28 2016 2-Day Training Camps
Phoenix, AZ - 2 Day Training Camp - Feb. 13-14, 2016 AZ Feb 13 2016 - Feb 14 2016 2-Day Training Camps
College Station, TX - 2 Day Training Camp - Feb. 6-7, 2016 TX Feb 6 2016 - Feb 7 2016 2-Day Training Camps
Davenport, IA - 1 Day Training Camp - Jan. 30, 2016 IA Jan 30 2016 1-Day Training Camps
National Senior Challenge - Orlando, FL - Jan. 16-17 FL Jan 16 2016 - Jan 17 2016 Winter National Showcase Camps
National Underclassman Challenge - Orlando, FL - Jan 2-3, 2016 FL Jan 2 2016 - Jan 3 2016 Underclassman Challenge
Midwest Showcase Camp - WI Dells, WI - Dec 21, 2015 WI Dec 21 2015 Winter National Showcase Camps
Western Showcase Camp - Los Angeles, CA Area - December 20, 2015 CA Dec 20 2015 Winter National Showcase Camps
Texas Showcase Camp - Dallas, TX - December 19, 2015 TX Dec 19 2015 Winter National Showcase Camps
Southern Showcase Camp - Atlanta, GA - December 13, 2015 GA Dec 13 2015 Winter National Showcase Camps
Eastern Showcase Camp - Pittsburgh, PA Area* - December 5, 2015 PA Dec 5 2015 Winter National Showcase Camps
Indianapolis, IN Fall Assessment Event - Nov 8, 2015 IN Nov 8 2015 High School Training
Pittsburgh, PA Fall Assessment Event - Nov 7, 2015 PA Nov 7 2015 High School Training
Los Angeles, CA Fall Assessment Event - Oct 25, 2015 CA Oct 25 2015 High School Training
Seattle, WA Fall Assessment Event - Oct 24, 2015 WA Oct 24 2015 High School Training
Chicago, IL Fall Assessment Event - Oct 18, 2015 IL Oct 18 2015 High School Training
Waukesha Area, WI - Private Lessons - October 18, 2015 WI Oct 18 2015 Private Lessons
Houston, TX Fall Assessment Event - Oct 18, 2015 TX Oct 18 2015 High School Training
Orlando, FL Fall Assessment Event - Oct 17, 2015 FL Oct 17 2015 High School Training
Charlotte, NC Fall Assessment Event - Oct 11,2015 NC Oct 11 2015 High School Training
Atlanta, GA Fall Assessment Event - Oct 11, 2015 GA Oct 11 2015 High School Training
Dallas, TX Fall Assessment Event - Oct 11, 2015 TX Oct 11 2015 High School Training
Phoenix, AZ Fall Assessment Event - Oct 10, 2015 AZ Oct 10 2015 High School Training


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