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National Invitational Camp

 "Now more than ever, our National Camp will become a greater and more important tool for aiding college coaches to make their decisions about kickers, punters, and snappers."  Jamie Kohl

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 NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED CAMP -  The 2016 camp will be a gathering of the top 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Kickers, Punters, and Snappers from all parts of the country. Many will arrive at this event to see how they match up amongst their peers. Kohl's has worked for 17 years to offer an event like the 2016 National Invitational Camp. It gives the campers the laregest stage in America to show their talent! 

This event has changed the lives of numerous campers over the years. Many past performers are playing in the NFL or college football.  This camp allows an athlete the opportunity to compete against themselves along with others in their graduating class.  No other camp will provide an athlete the opportunity to chart more kicks or snaps to show their ability. 

We will have a staff of 50 coaches at this event making sure each athlete has chance to learn and compete at this special event. The last day we will give every athlete the chance to perform in the stadium in front of Kohl's Senior Staff.  This event will have video taping opportunities that are very helpful when college coaches are able to observe an athlete on film, look at their camp charts, and see their national rankings. Who Can Attend this Camp?

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Everyone who attends this camp has to qualify in 1 of the 4 ways.   The Ways to qualify are:

1. Get an Invite from a Kohl's Staff member because they feel you have college potential for your age level. 


2. If you are a Kicker that hit a FG over 40 yd in a game or a Punter avg. over 37 yds a punt for the season. 


3. Have your HS Coach write a letter of recommendation stating you are a specialist with college potential.


4. If you are a snapper you should snap consistently below .90 seconds at a full 15 yards away.



This 2 day intense competitive camp is held at Kettle Moraine  in Wales, Wisconsin.  Food and lodging is available with this camp. At this camp each participant is charted for distance, accuracy, and hang time. The results of this camp can change lives. Kohl's makes calls and receives calls from 100's of college coaches throughout the year.  For years there have been all-state kickers and punters from numerous states represented at the National Invitational Camp.  This camp is the most accurate evaluator of an athlete's ability compared to the best athletes at the same position from around the nation.  It also mentally prepares each camper for their upcoming football season.  The competition, pressure, and teaching they receive at this camp can help them handle stressful game situations.
Charting will be conducted over 3 sessions (Weather permitting) to obtain accurate results on performance and potential, this will give top contestants time to prove their potential.
  •          Results 24 field goal attempts will be recorded.
  •          Results of 15 kickoffs will be recorded and averaged.
  •          Results of 27 punts (with hand-to-get-off time of 1.5 seconds or less).
  •          There will be a 4th session on the 2nd day that will place every athlete in the stadium
  •          Top performers will be grouped together so they can compete head-to-head
  •          Kohl's will offer a 1 hour workshop to all interested parents on college recruiting
  •          Campers will receive lectures on the NCAA and their academic requirements.
  •          Results will be posted here on our website for all college coaches to view.


  1. Results mailed, emailed, posted online so every college in America can see how an athlete performs. College programs who run their own camps want to see athletes and it is good to go to these camps and be seen but, some colleges don't want everyone to know about an athlete and will not share information. The information from this camp is free for everyone to see.
  2. Kohl's selects the top national specialists to perform in the Under Armour All-American game on ESPN and the Semper Fi All-American Game. We will heavily base our selections for the game from this competitive event. This is the nation's #1 post season game. It can springboard an athlete's name for years to come.
  3. ESPN.com coverage will be present at the Scholarship Camp writing articles. Each athlete will receive Under Armour gear at camp.
  4. Kohl's will talk on the phone/text multiple times a year with every D1 special teams coach and relay what we see and are able to video at camp.
  5. Every athlete will be able to use the results when talking with college coaches. Kohlskicking.com is rated #1 by Google under Kicking camps for the traffic it receives.
  6. A truly fair way to rank and grade athletes. Everyone will be charted and have multiple days to show their potential. There are 18 goalposts on campus (Not 2 goalposts and 8 kicks). We want to give everyone a fair chance to prove to us how good they are. Kohl's NRS rankings and ratings will heavily use this camp's results.
  7. Proven results over the years. This is the 17th year of this camp. Each year more athletes have landed scholarships and the level of performance has increased. The Best are here!
  8. Outside sources covering this camp. Tom Lemming has been to this camp 2 times in recent years. Rivals.com and Scout.com have attended this camp in past years as well. RIVALS.COM - Spotlight Video from 2008 Scholarship Camp  SCOUT.COM - Coverage from previous year's camp
  9. 2018 and 2019 class members have the chance to qualify for the Under Classman Challenge held at Walt Disney World during the Under Armour All-American Game.  There will only be a total of 50 participants at this early January event.
  10. This is the most cost effective way in the nation to separate yourself from the pack. We provide busing for the camper from the airports so a whole family does not need to travel. If a camper can get to Chicago O'Hare or Milwaukee Mitchell airports, they can get to this camp.


Athletes in the 2017 class will be rewarded at this camp for kicking off the ground. We will chart FG 5 yards closer than athletes using a block.  In our evaluations it is easier to talk to college coaches about athletes when we see them kick off the ground. Punters will have a 1.5 second hand-to-toe requirement.  Snappers will have to snap 14 yards into a 2x2 target. 




Kohl's Kicking and Punting Camps are the best in the country in he07scholarship_lemminglping their athletes gain maximum exposure to college coaches. Tom Lemming (Nation's Top Recruiting Expert)



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