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Kohl's Elite Camp, home to 71 NFL signings the last 3 years!

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lessons_a Private Lessons - In the last two years Kohl's has worked with over 35 athletes who made NFL camps. We anticipate that number to increase dramatically in the next two years. We have also trained numerous college All-Americans.  Our goal is to provide a training ground for this advanced group of athletes. We will have specific dates and locations set aside for top level older college/pro athletes for Private Lessons that are listed on the website.  We also do private lessons by appointment as well.  Kohl's private lessons last 2.5 hours (if there is more than 1 athlete in attendence it may go longer).  Kohl's lessons can cover the following items:

  • Athletic goals
  • Personal Training Program
  • V1-Digital Software
  • Filmed technique
  • Suggested modifications
  • Drills to promote improvement
  • Mental Focus Techniques
  • Exposure opportunities/how to find the right agent

Super Bowl 44 had 2 Long-time Kohl's Campers Morstead and McAfee 


The National Elite Camp (71 Kohl's Elite campers made NFL camps last 3 years) - is a high level intensity camp designed for the serious college/pro kicker, punter, or snapper looking to enhance their performance by focusing in on the details. Kohl's uses digital technology to give the serious athlete a new and advanced way of looking at their kicking and punting techniques. USA Track and Field Sports Psychologist Marty Martinez works with campers in large and small groups and has helped give past campers techniques to improve their concentration and ability to perform in pressure situations.

As an added feature this year Kohl's gives campers the opportunity to get educated on the agent selection process. Wisconsin's first certified NFLPA agent and former agent for Jamie and Andy Kohl, John Perla Jr., will conduct an informational workshop for the 2015 draft eligible athletes and FA campers on what to expect in the agent/athlete solicitation process (Only 2015 college athletes may listen to this presentation according to NCAA rules).

This camp will offer a complete program in kicking, punting, and snapping instruction.  It will also cover physical fitness and flexibility training.  The competition and pro exposure an athlete gets as this camp is unmatched nationally.

  • The best college specialists in the country will attend this camp. In 2014 we saw 100 college specialists attend this camp (45 current D1 starters in attendance).
  • Fine tune yourself right before 2-a-days. See yourself on film next to NFL and college players. Get detailed coaching from an experienced specialist.
  • Improve your focus under pressure. Dr. Martinez has helped Olympic and Pro athletes perform their best in the most difficult situations. Classroom and field time is devoted to competition and applying focus techniques to performance.
  • Results are sent to every NFL General Manager, Pro Player Personal Director, College Scouting Department, and Special Teams Coach. They are also sent to every AFL and CFL team. Many of the top guys at this camp have been invited to compete at the combine in Indianapolis and post-season All-Star games.  We will send out 400 packets to NFL decision makers in 2014.
  • This year we will also film the final round of camp and top performers will benefit by the film and camp results being seen by every NFL organization. GM's like to see top guys compete head to head under the same conditions. Last year's top performers separated themselves at camp and went on to have record breaking years. Many went on to become All-Conference and All-American performers.
  • The value of this camp is unmatched nationally. Food and Lodging are provided in the $350 cost of camp. Airport pick-up is also available for those athletes who are looking to fly to camp.


Airport Information - If you register and select airport transportation, you will recieve an email 7 days prior to camp upon which you will send back your specific flight itinerary. (WE WILL ONLY PICK-UP and DROP OFF CAMPERS FROM MILWAUKEE AND CHICAGO O'HARE AIRPORTS)

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