HT 5'8" WT 158

HS Graduation Date: 2020

Kohl's Kicker Rating

Lepvreau attended the winter Showcase Camp in December of 2016. He showed flashes of a powerful leg, but needs to continue to become more consistent to continue to progress and maximize his talent as a specialist. He has good athletic skills to build upon, and his development will be key in the next couple of years.

Camps Attended

Eastern Showcase Camp - Pittsburgh, PA Area* - December 4, 2016 Results

Other Sports & Activities

  • soccer

I was born and raise in France and played Soccer since I was 5 years Old. When I came to the US  three years ago with my parents I worked really hard on everything to catch up with my new Life. Today I am one of the top Football Rookie Kickers in the nation of the 2020 Class for my first season in High school. What's next ?
Being graduated in 2020 from my awesome school Manatee High School (AP+) and commit with the best college to realise my American dream to be an orthodontist. On the top of that, Being a student athlete as a football Kicker player for my team the Manatee Hurricane gave me so much motivation that I am today aware to fight and accept the challenge to play for one of the best football team in the nation at college level. Let's make it happened! this is only the beginning of my Journey.

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2016-2017 3 4 7


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