Long Snapping

Chase Samuels

HT 6'0" WT 205
Player Photo

Centennial High School

phoenix, AZ

HS Graduation Date: 2015

Kohl's Snapper Rating

Commit Status



3.50 24

Awards & Honors

  • Deca finalist, 7th in the state.
  • Consecutive Honor roll.
  • 250+ community service hours.

Snapper Ranking

Class of 2015


Chase finished the 2014 Western Showcase camp in December with a score of 32/45 and an average snap time of .74 seconds. He continues to snap the ball extremely well and has very good ball rotation making his snaps very catchable for both punters and holders. Chase attended the 2014 NSC where he put 7 snaps through the target and went 15/15 on SS. He finished with an average snap time of .76 seconds and connected on 1 of 2 Big Ball snaps. At the 2014 Western Showcase camp Chase snapped the ball well during the live snap and punt segment. He has good control of his ball rotation and showed consistent accuracy throughout the entire camp. He finished by going 13/15 on SS and scored on 13/15 LS with a .76 second average snap time. Chase attended the 2014 Underclassman Challenge in January where he scored on 11 of his last 12 LS and averaged a snap time of .79 seconds. He will benefit by increasing his SS accuracy but has good ball rotation and is explosive with his mechanics. Chase finished the 2013 December Western SC camp with a score of 30/45. He averaged .77 seconds on his snap time and went 12/15 on SS. He scored on 9/15 LS with 6 going through the target. At the 2013 NSC Chase put 4 snaps through the target and went 11/15 on SS. He finished camp with a .84 second snap time with his best being .79 which was recorded on snap #1. During the 2013 April Showcase Event in CA, Chase finished camp with an average snap time of .76 seconds and put 4 snaps through the target. He has good ball rotation from snap to snap and went 11/15 on short snaps. Chase attended the 2012 Western Showcase Event in December and showed improvement during the drill work segment and will continue to improve his accuracy through consistent rotation and repeating his mechanics with quickness.

Camps Attended

Western Showcase Camp - Los Angeles, CA - Dec. 22, 2014 Results
Kohl's National Invitational Scholarship Camp - (America's Largest Camp) - July 19-20, 2014 Results
Western Showcase Camp - Los Angeles, CA - May 10, 2014 Results
Phoenix, AZ - 2 Day Training Camp - Feb. 15-16, 2014 Results
National Underclassman Challenge, Tampa, FL - Jan 2-3, 2014 Results
Western Showcase Camp - Los Angeles, CA - Dec. 21, 2013 Results
Kohl's National Invitational Scholarship Camp - (America's Largest Camp) - July 20-21, 2013 Results
Western Showcase Camp - Los Angeles, CA - April 27, 2013 Results
Phoenix, AZ - 2 Day Training Camp - Feb. 16-17,2013 Results
Western Showcase Camp - Los Angeles, CA - Dec. 22, 2012 Results

Other Sports & Activities

  • acedemic
  • private long snapping training

Please review my NCSA profile for videos and more information about my academics, I am Chase Samuels, I have extensive long snapping experience proven by my national rankings with Prokicker (2nd overall, 5 star), Kornblue, (4th  overall, 5 star) and Khol's kicking (14th overall, 5 star). I am a willing servant to the community no matter how big or small, given I have contributed countless hours toward community service. I have qualites that express leadership, compassion, and helpfulness.  These qualites have been driven into me at Camp Rainbow, as a children's counselor, a camp that supports childhood cancer, and all since the age of 7. Not only was I diagnosed with leukemia at age 6, I began my football career at the same age. Childhood cancer has brought me though a rough road, but everyday I instill those qualites I learned over 10 years ago into my everyday life. I plan to take my college career and accelerate technologies in order to combat the overwhelming disease that tears familes apart.

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Seasonsort icon FGM FGA XPM XPA # AVG # TBs SS SA
2014-2015 10 10 71 71 34 115 115


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