Logan Johnston

HT 6'3" WT 190

Pennsville Memorial High School

Pennsville, NJ

HS Graduation Date: 2017

Kohl's Kicker Rating


3.30 980

Awards & Honors

  • June 2016 - PMHS Golden Eagles for participating in a variety of school activities and maintaining an above-average GPA throughout high school career.
  • April 2016 - PMHS Renaissance Club People’s Choice Award for outstanding leadership and student integrity both in the classroom and on the sports field.
  • Winter 2015 - PMHS Varsity Basketball MVP
  • Winter 2015 - Tri-County Conference All-Star, Classic Division Second Team Forward
  • Fall 2015 - First Team Kicker, West Jersey Football League All-division (Classic Division, First Team Offense)

Johnston recently attended the NSC in july of 2016. He showed flashes of consistency and repeatability, but needs to continue to become more explosive to continue to move up in the rankings. Technical improvement can aid his development. Has good overall talent and seems to be motivated to train.

Camps Attended

National Invitational Scholarship Camp - (America's Largest Camp) - July 23-24, 2016 Results
Eastern Showcase Camp - New Jersey - May 14, 2016 Results

Other Sports & Activities

  • PMHS Varsity Football (Fall 2015, 2016)
  • PMHS Varsity Track and Field (Spring 2016)
  • PMHS Varsity Basketball (Winter 2014, 2015)
  • PMHS Varsity Soccer (Fall 2013, 2014)
  • U14 South Jersey Select Soccer (Summer 2013)

My name is Logan Johnston and I am a passionate, driven, high-school athlete.  I was born two weeks premature and my stats at birth were 7 lbs. 2 oz., 19 inches long but I soon grew to the 100+% percentile for height and weight and ate more formula each day than my pediatrician said was humanly possible.  Fast forward 17 years and I have become a solid 6’ 3”, 190 lbs. Pennsville Memorial High School senior who, letters in four varsity sports. 


I was the only freshman to play varsity soccer at my high school in 2013.  I returned and played my sophomore year as well however mid-way through the season I realized I had the desire to have new and varied experiences through my high school career and made the decision to try-out for the basketball team.  I was selected to the varsity squad and excelled at that sport as well.  At the end of the basketball season, my coach, Ryan Wood, who is also the PMHS head football coach, commended me for my athleticism and positive attitude.  He said that although he would never actively recruit an athlete from another team within the school, if I would ever want to make a switch from soccer to football he would welcome having me on his team. 


Those may be words that forever altered the course of my life, because that summer I decided I was going to make the jump and try-out for the football team.  I joined the summer captain’s practices and then worked through the regular summer workouts with the coaches.  I took a lot of ribbing and taunting from my teammates as I had never played football before in my life but I was determined to excel at this sport and committed to staying for the duration of the season.  By the beginning of the season, I was selected to the varsity squad and became the team kicker as well as a starting wide receiver.  The season was not without its challenges but in the end we achieved something the school has not been able to do in 34 years…win the state championship…where I scored the first touchdown as well as went 4 for 4 in PATs, scoring 10 of the 28 points for the day.  Winning that game and bringing home a state title was a thrill like nothing I have ever experienced in my life!


Overall for the 2015 season Pennsville Memorial High School football was 11-1.  I had 220 receiving yards, 13 catches and 2 touchdowns.  I also scored 52 points kicking.  I was 40 for 46 in PATs (.9%) and 4 for 8 in FGAs (.5%).  My longest recorded FG in pre-season was 43 yards; my longest in regular season was 36 yards.  I was the second highest point scorer on our team with 64 overall points and run a 40 in 4.6 seconds.  Our team is currently ranked 57 in the state of New Jersey.  I am ranked 15 in the state for Kick Scoring and PATs and 18 for FGs for the 2015 season.  In addition to being able to say I am a state champion I was also selected as the Kicker for 2015 First Team West Jersey Football League All-Division team (Classic Division, First Team Offense.)  I feel this is quite an accomplishment for the first season I ever set foot on a football field. 


In the winter of this year I again played on the varsity basketball team with Coach Wood.  I led the team in scoring with 234 points for the season as well as led in almost all other stat areas.   For this reason, I was selected as the team MVP, over five seniors.  I was also selected as the 2015 Second Team as a Forward in the Tri-County Conference – Classic Division. 


In the spring I typically play club soccer but had decided over the winter to take a break this year.  I planned to continue my workouts for football in the weight room each day after school but felt that would be enough for me at this point.  That lasted one day until I decided that in addition to my daily workouts I was going to join the Track and Field Team in order to keep my endurance up for football.  At first the coaches were reluctant to try me in many events.  I was a first year walk-on with no experience.  I remained committed, however, and expressed that I very much wanted to have the opportunity to try out for several sprint races.  Once again my persistence paid off.  I was selected as a member of the varsity team and proved to be a leading racer in our school in the 100 meter (11.8 PR) and 400 meter (54.9 PR.)  I also participatee in the 4 X 400 and 4 X 800.  I completed at the South Jersey Group I Sectional Meet this spring and placed 14th in the Boys 400 Meter Dash.


I started participating in soccer training in the fall of 2003 at 4 years old.  I played in-town (U5-U8) and then travel soccer (U9-U14) with the Pennsville Soccer Association until I started high school in the Fall of 2013.  In the summer of 2013 I tried out and was selected for the U14 South Jersey Select Soccer team where we competed against elite teams in the tri-state area in several tournaments throughout the summer.  I was selected as one of the team’s two captains for the season.  In the spring of 2014 and 2015, I participated as a member of the Rancocas Valley Soccer Club on the U15 and U16 teams, respectively.  Additionally I have played baseball with Pennsville Little League (Spring 2006-2012) and Pennsville Babe Ruth (Spring 2013- 2014) as well as basketball with the Salem County Rural Basketball League (Winter 2010-2012).  I was selected to the All-Star Team both years I played in Babe Ruth as well as the last year I played in the Salem County Rural League. 


In July 2014 I participated in an 18-day international People to People Student Ambassador Program trip and traveled to Spain, Italy, and France to increase my global awareness, experience different cultures, participate in local customs and challenge myself to learn through doing things outside my comfort zone.  With the assistance of my parents I completed the application process, requested three letters of recommendation, participated in a personal interview, completed online training regarding each countries culture, religion and foods, attended bi-monthly meetings for one year prior to travel and successfully participated in group and one-on-one presentations and team-building activities.  This experience at the age of 14 was like none other you could image.  I made life-long friends and have a completely different view of the world today because of it.  


In the summer of 2013 I was selected by the leaders of the Southwest Council, an alcohol, tobacco, other drug prevention, and character education organization which holds presentations in school and community settings in Salem, Gloucester, and Cumberland counties to be a Camp YEY Counselor Assistant.  Under the direction of Camp YEY counselors I volunteered at Camp Edge with students in grades 4-8 assisting in educational lessons on subjects such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, decision making, communication and self-esteem.  Also assisted in sports and team building activities.  I completed an application and interviewed for position as well as attended sessions to receive leadership training prior to camp.  I was able to participate as a counselor assistants because I was a former camper who demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and set a positive example for fellow campers by using appropriate language, dressing respectfully, treating others with respect and refraining from using technology during camp hours. 


In my spare time enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  I have a strong faith in God and attend church regularly.  In the summer I enjoy boating and jet skiing in the nearby Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay and attending training for and obtained my boating license in April 2015.  I also enjoy playing chess, running 5Ks, playing paintball, competing in wrestling and ping-pong tournaments, playing indoor soccer and flag football, snowboarding, wakeboarding, snow and water skiing. 


In addition to my traditional High School Courses, I am also enrolled as a third-year student in the Graphics Academy Program, which is run by the Salem County Career and Technical High School at Pennsville Memorial High School.  The program provides an environment for us as students to reach our goals through applied learning and various “hands-on” experiences, which are designed to prepare us for higher education and future employment.  This program has provided me a means to express my creative side and excel in an area outside of sports and normal academic studies. Next June at that completion of the program I will graduate with a Graphics Arts diploma from SCCTHS in addition to my general education diploma from PMHS.


I had previously been considering a career in graphic design as I have received several awards over the years for my artwork but lately I have been considering other options.  I have been researching information on the areas of criminal justice, law and business and restaurant administration.  Since football has become a part of my life, it has also opened up a series of doors that I did not even consider a year ago.  For this reason, I am working closely with my parents to determine what opportunities would be best for me to pursue after graduation.  It is a bit of a whirlwind right now but we are trying to stay ahead of the curve with camps, college visits and one-on-one training this spring.  My personal dream is to find a large D1 college preferably on the east coast who is in need of a young, motivated kicker/wide receiver who if given the opportunity would be an asset to their team.  For now, that is just a dream. 


Athletics for me has always been a way to release the excess energy I have in the classroom.  I am not particularly fond of sitting and focusing for long periods of time.   I have been working extremely hard this year to improve my academic focus and have learned to apply myself at a much stronger level.  I am excited that I made Honor Roll the 3rd and 4th marking periods this year.  This is a personal accomplishment which I am extremely proud of and one that I intend to strive for throughout the remainder of my High School career.   Due to my increased drive and determination in the classroom this year, I was nominated by one of my teachers for the 2015-16 PMHS Renaissance Club People’s Choice Award for outstanding leadership and student integrity both in the classroom and on the sports field.  I received this award in April 2016 before the school board and community.   In June 2016, I was also selected to the PMHS Golden Eagles for my senior year.  This a prestegious award which required an application as well as recommendations from teachers and coaches which is based on participation in a variety of school activities and maintaining an above-average GPA throughout my high school career. 


My motto in life is “if you quit you have no pride in what you do.”  I love pushing my body and mind to the limit and would love to use my drive and commitment to take myself to the next level in college.  I get up every day with a positive attitude and a smile on my face.  My muscles ache sometimes and I don’t always have all the spending money I would like or get to do everything I want but I know I am in a good place as a student and athlete and most importantly as a young man and that with God’s grace I will follow the path that I am intended to in my post-high school career. 


Many coaches have told me that I am the most athletic student in the school, that I am the most coachable kid they have ever had and that I am the fastest PMHS student.  Coaches have told my parents they wish there were more athletes like me in the community and that my commitment and determination is like none they have ever seen before.  Teachers genuinely enjoy having me in their class and look to me for participation and leadership throughout the day.  None of this has changed who I am, though, as I am a humble, fun-loving teenager who just wants to be an athlete in whatever form it takes.  I promise you, if you are willing to take a chance on me, I will not let you down.  Thank you very much for your time and consideration. 


Athlete Pages


Max Preps:  http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/logan-johnston/pR5ZLBviEeOZ5AAmVebBJg/gendersport/football-stats.htm


NJ.com:  http://highschoolsports.nj.com/player/logan-johnston/


AthleticNet.com:  http://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=9791558#/L4


NCSA:  http://www.ncsasports.org/football-recruiting/nj/pennsville/pennsville-memorial-high-school1/logan-johnston


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