Kohl's Class of 2011

Athlete Name Status
Ryan Adams's picture
Adams, Ryan OH k/p Adams gets full-ride!
Keenan Adams's picture
Adams, Keenan GA k/p commits to Colorado State
Chris Adams's picture
Adams, Chris Adams gets scholarship Southern Illinois!
Kris Albarado's picture
Albarado, Kris Albarado commits to USC!
Carlos Alvarez's picture
Alvarez, Carlos Louisiana k/p get D1 scholarship!
Tony Angelos's picture
Angelos, Tony Angelos Commits to Illinois Wesleyan!
Trever Austin's picture
Austin, Trever Austin Commits to Gardner Webb
Daniel Backx's picture
Backx, Daniel AZ Specialist Get Full Ride!
Dylan Beers's picture
Beers, Dylan Beers commits to Northeastern State!
Christian Benvenuto's picture
Benvenuto, Christian Benvenuto commits to Georiga State!
Aaron Berthet's picture
Berthet, Aaron Berthet Finds College Home!
Taylor Bertolet's picture
Bertolet, Taylor Bertolet Commits to Texas A&M!
David Bicknell's picture
Bicknell, David Bicknell commits to Harvard
Logan Bieghler's picture
Bieghler, Logan Bieghler to punt at UNI!
David Bojalad's picture
Bojalad, David Bojalad accepts scholarship!
Trevor Bolton's picture
Bolton, Trevor Bolton Commits to Montana State!
Marcelo Bonani's picture
Bonani, Marcelo Bonani Commits to FAU!
Mauro Bondi's picture
Bondi, Mauro Bondi picks Nebraska!
Michael Branthover's picture
Branthover, Michael Branthover commits to VA Tech!
Andrew Brees's picture
Brees, Andrew Brees Commits to Minnesota Duluth!
Cory Broughton's picture
Broughton, Cory Broughton Commits to Shepherd University!
Brandon Burkey's picture
Burkey, Brandon Burkey finds college home!
Benjamin Calder's picture
Calder, Benjamin Calder commits to Cal!
Will Campbell's picture
Campbell, Will AL Punter Commits to Auburn
Jack Cantele's picture
Cantele, Jack Another Cantele Heading to Kansas State!
Ben Cheaney's picture
Cheaney, Ben NC Prospect Commits to University of Chicago
Kyle Christy's picture
Christy, Kyle Christy commits to Florida Gators!
Austin Clark's picture
Clark, Austin GA kicker finds home!
Chris Colombe's picture
Colombe, Chris Colombe decides to play at Western Michigan!
Greg Colquitt's picture
Colquitt, Greg Colquitt Commits to Clemson!
Kyle Crofoot's picture
Crofoot, Kyle Top FL snapper chooses Florida!
Ben Deighton's picture
Deighton, Ben Deighton Commits to Eastern Kentucky!
Anthony DiPaula's picture
DiPaula, Anthony NJ k/p gets full-ride to Rutgers!
Matthew Dooley's picture
Dooley, Matthew Snapper Commits to Indiana on A Full Ride!
Brett Dunn's picture
Dunn, Brett Dunn Receives Air Force Offer!
Ryan Earls's picture
Earls, Ryan Earls Commits to Shepherd
Grant Ellington's picture
Ellington, Grant Ellington commits to Drake!
Zach Ewan's picture
Ewan, Zach Ewan commits to Wyoming!
Todd Fennell's picture
Fennell, Jr., Todd Fennell Heading to Gators!
Spencer Firlik's picture
Firlik, Spencer Firlik Commits to Michigan Tech!
Anthony Fox's picture
Fox, Anthony Fox commits to Akron!
Tanner Fritschle's picture
Fritschle, Tanner Fritschle Gets Full Ride!
Josh Gallington's picture
Gallington, Josh Gallington Commits to Northern Illinois on Full Ride!
Nathanael Gibbs's picture
Gibbs, Nathanael Gibbs commits to HSU!
Aaron Godwin's picture
Godwin, Aaron CA Kicker Gets Full Ride!
Riley Harper's picture
Harper, Riley Cottonwood kicker commits to Utah State!
Tilghman Harvey's picture
Harvey, Tilghman Harvey Gets Scholarship Offer!
Chris Hawthorne's picture
Hawthorne, Chris College Transfer gets full-ride to Big Ten School!
Chad Hedlund's picture
Hedlund, Chad Hedlund commits to Wake Forest!
Andre Heidari's picture
Heidari, Andre Andre Commits to USC!
Ace Henricks's picture
Henricks, Ace Ace finds a Home!
Will Hertel's picture
Hertel, William Snapper Commits!
Michael Hill's picture
Hill, Michael Hill Commits to Oklahoma!
Nick Holland's picture
Holland, Nick Holland Commits to Temple on Full Ride!
Zachary Housholder's picture
Housholder, Zachary Housholder Commits!
Alexander Howell's picture
Howell, Alexander Howell chooses Boston College!
Darin Howell's picture
Howell, Darin k/p Howell gets scholarship!
Aaron Hummert's picture
Hummert, Aaron Hummert Commits to Washburn!
Travis Jatzlau's picture
Jatzlau, Travis Jatzlau Gets Full Ride to Prairie View A&M
Will Johnson's picture
Johnson, Will Johnson commits to Texas State!
Tanner Jones's picture
Jones, Tanner Jones Commits on Scholarship!
Johnathan Kapinus's picture
Kapinus, Johnathan Kapinus Receives Butler Offer!
Drew Kaser's picture
Kaser, Drew Kaser Commits to Texas A&M!
Chris Kennedy's picture
Kennedy, Chris Kennedy gets full-ride scholarship!
Taylor Kerr's picture
Kerr, Taylor IND kicker gets scholarship!
Richard Kersten's picture
Kersten, Richard Snapper Kersten gets college offers!
Matt Kersten's picture
Kersten, Matt Kersten Commits to Butler!
Blake Kidd's picture
Kidd, Blake Kidd Commits to Air Force!
Marshall Koehn's picture
Koehn, Marshall Koehn commits to Iowa
Duncan Koonce's picture
Koonce, Duncan Snapper Commits on Scholarship!
Colton Kreckler's picture
Kreckler, Colton Kreckler Commits!
Adrian Krupka's picture
Krupka, Adrian Florida Punter Commits!
Kenneth Kysor's picture
Kysor, Kenneth Kysor Receives Scholarship!
Spud LaToof's picture
LaToof, Spud Latoof Commits to Henderson State!
Benjamin LeCompte's picture
LeCompte, Benjamin IL k/p gets scholarship!
Chad Levin's picture
Levin, Chad Levin Commits to Tulsa!
Liberato, Sal Snapper commits to Monmouth!
Connor Loftus's picture
Loftus, Connor Loftus Commits to Penn!
Ty Long's picture
Long, Ty Long commits to UAB on scholarship!
Riley Lyons's picture
Lyons, Riley Lyons picks Dartmouth
Nick Lyons's picture
Lyons, Nick Long Snapper Lyons Headed to Nicholls State!
Bryan Maley's picture
Maley, Bryan Alaskan Kicker Commits!
Sam Martin's picture
Martin, Sam Martin Heading to University of Houston!
Boomer Mays's picture
Mays, Boomer Snapper Mays gets full-ride to D1 school!
Peter Mcbride's picture
Mcbride, Peter Mcbride commits to USC!
Sean McNally's picture
McNally, Sean Snapper McNally commits to Miami Hurricanes!
Drew Meyer's picture
Meyer, Drew WI k/p commits to Badgers!
Aaron Mize's picture
Mize, Aaron GA Specialist Commits
William Monday's picture
Monday, William GA Punter Monday to Duke!
Brett Moore's picture
Moore, Brett Moore Commits!
Peter Mortell's picture
Mortell, Peter Mortell commits to U of Minnesota!
Alex Mueller's picture
Mueller, Alex Mueller Commits to Kansas!
Dylan Nowak's picture
Nowak, Dylan Nowak Commits!
Ryan Nowicki's picture
Nowicki, Ryan Nowicki to play at Ole Miss!
Austin Obrien's picture
O'Brien, Austin O'Brien commits to Lafayette
Jacob ONeill's picture
O'Neill, Jacob TX kicker commits to Texas A&M Commerce!
Eddie Ostrowski's picture
Ostrowski, Eddie Snapper Commits to Central Connecticut State!
Oleg Parent's picture
Parent, Oleg Parent Receives Full Ride!
Zach Paul's picture
Paul, Zach Zach Paul Commits to Akron!
Trevor Pinkston's picture
Pinkston, Trevor Pinkston Finds A Home!
David Platner's picture
Platner, David Platner commits to Minnesota!
Michael Rasmussen's picture
Rasmussen, Michael FL k/p Rasmussen finds a home!
Nate Ray's picture
Ray, Nate Ray Heading to Oshkosh!
Jackson Redditt's picture
Redditt, Jackson Redditt Commits to UT Martin!
Nathan Renfro's picture
Renfro, Nathan Renfro commits to Maryland!
Sam Richardson's picture
Richardson, Sam FL Kicker Commits to West Virginia!
Craig Ross Richardson's picture
Richardson, Craig Richardson Commits!
Clark Riedel's picture
Riedel, Clark Riedel gets scholarship to Punt!
Brandon Riesterer's picture
Riesterer, Brandon Wisconsin Punter commits to Dubuque
Spencer Roth's picture
Roth, Spencer Roth commits to Baylor!
Niklas Sade's picture
Sade, Niklas Sade Commits to NC State!
Michael Schmadeke's picture
Schmadeke, Michael Schmadeke gets scholarship to Northern Iowa!
Kris Selita's picture
Selita, Kris Selita Commits to Jacksonville State
Hayden Severs's picture
Severs, Hayden Severs get partial scholarship!
Zach Sharp's picture
Sharp, Zach TN kicker gets scholarshp to Tennessee Tech!
Blaine Sidders's picture
Sidders, Blaine Snapper Commits to Middle Tennessee State!
E Smith's picture
Smith, E Smith commits to Auburn!
Mikey Snyder's picture
Snyder, Mikey Snyder is heading to Ohio Dominican University
Jes Steele's picture
Steele, Jes Snapper commits to Henderson State!
Brady Stuart's picture
Stuart, Brady CA kicker Stuart commits to UC Davis!
Dallas Stubbs's picture
Stubbs, Dallas Stubbs Heading to Jacksonville University!
Daniel Sullivan's picture
Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan gets scholarship to Wyoming!
Spencer Summers's picture
Summers, Spencer Summers Heading to Stanford!
Taylor Symmank's picture
Symmank, Taylor Symmank signs with Southern Arkansas!
Tyler Tate's picture
Tate, Tyler OH Kicker gets scholarship to Bowling Green!
Nick Taylor's picture
Taylor, Nick Taylor Commits to Winona State
Chase Thrasher's picture
Thrasher, Chase Thrasher Commits to Texas A&M Commerce
Sean Tobin's picture
Tobin, Sean Snapper Tobin Commits to Georgia Tech on Full Ride!
Parker Toms's picture
Toms, Parker Toms Commits to Yale!
Austin Tubbs's picture
Tubbs, Austin CA Snapper Heading to Stanford
Jake Van Ginkel's picture
Van Ginkel, Jake Van Ginkel Commits to Boise State!
VanMieghem, Brennen Van Mieghem Commits to Illinois!
Grant Venham's picture
Venham, Grant Venham commits to D1 Ohio!
Joshua Ward's picture
Ward, Joshua TX kicker gets full-ride!
Tyler Wedel's picture
Wedel, Tyler K/P Wedel lands D1 Scholarship!
Wilson Whorton's picture
Whorton, Wilson Whorton Finds College Home!
Andrew Wickman's picture
Wickman, Andrew Wickman Commits!
Kirk Willis's picture
Willis, Kirk Willis Commits to Cincinnati!
Wade Wright's picture
Wright, Wade Wright commits to SE Missouri St.
Josiah Yazdani's picture
Yazdani, Josiah Yazdani Commits to University of Toldeo!
Taylor Zalewski's picture
Zalewski, Taylor Zalewski picks Illinois!
Mike Zenk's picture
Zenk, Mike Snapper Zenk Commits to Central Michigan