Kohl's Class of 2015

Athlete Name Status
Jacob Adam's picture
Adam, Jacob Adam Commits to Northern Iowa!
Connor Allen's picture
Allen, Connor Allen commits to Wisconsin!
Michael Almond's picture
Almond, Michael South Carolina*
Brian Alsobrooks's picture
Alsobrooks, Brian Alsobrooks Commits to Eastern Michigan!
Justin Aminzadeh's picture
Aminzadeh, Justin Aminzadeh commits to TAMUK!
Ammendola, Matt Ammendola Commits to Oklahoma State!
Cade Anderson's picture
Anderson, Cade Anderson Commits to Southern Miss!
Carlos Anguiano's picture
Anguiano, Carlos Anguiano Commits to Southern Nazarene University!
Cole Antley's picture
Antley, Cole Antley Commits to Ouachita Baptist!
Cole Austin's picture
Austin, Cole Austin Commits to the Coast Guard Academy
Eric Autry's picture
Autry, Eric Autry Commits to Air Force!
Jake Bailey's picture
Bailey, Jake Bailey Commits to Stanford!
Barwick, Zachary Barwick Commits to St. John's University!
Aaron Baum's picture
Baum, Aaron Baum Commits to Missouri Valley College!
Charlie Beall's picture
Beall, Charlie Beall Commits to Stanford!
Dietrik Becker's picture
Becker, Dietrik Becker Commits to Black Hills State!
James Bedell's picture
Bedell, James Bedell Commits to UConn!
Tim Belles's picture
Belles, Tim Belles Commits to University of Memphis!
Jordan Bennett's picture
Bennett, Jordan Bennett commits to West Alabama!
Logan Besore's picture
Besore, Logan Besore Commits to Glendale Community College!
Garrett Bills's picture
Bills, Garrett Bills Commits to Evangel University!
Brian Bishop's picture
Bishop, Brian Bishop Commits to St. Cloud State!
Rodrigo Blankenship's picture
Blankenship, Rodrigo Blakenship Commits to Georgia!
Zachary Block's picture
Block, Zachary Block commits to Tulane!
Joshua Boham's picture
Boham, Joshua Boham Commits to Kennesaw State!
Matthew Bonadies's picture
Bonadies, Matthew Bonadies Commits to MTSU!
Bowers, John Bowers Commits to Rutgers!
blake r boyles's picture
boyles, blake Boyles commits to Houston!
Brian Bravo's picture
Bravo, Brian Bravo commits to Purdue!
Brewer, Colin Brewer commits to Tennessee Chattanooga!
Hunter Brooks's picture
Brooks, Hunter Brooks commits to Taylor University!
Rowland Brothers's picture
Brothers, Rowland Brothers commits to Henderson State!
Benjamin Brown's picture
Brown, Benjamin Brown commits to Boston College
Joseph Bruni's picture
Bruni, Joseph Bruni Commits to Dayton!
Blaine Brutus's picture
Brutus, Blaine Brutus Commits to Depaw University!
Caleb Bubel's picture
Bubel, Caleb Bubel Commits to Texas Lutheran University!
Jordan I Butler's picture
Butler, Jordan Butler Commits to University of Miami!
Mike Caggiano's picture
Caggiano, Mike Caggiano commits to UMass!
Carlson, Calvin Carlson Commits to the university of Florida!
Chandler Carrera's picture
Carrera, Chandler Carrera commits to Glenville State
Sam J. Cavanaugh's picture
Cavanaugh, Samuel J Cavanaugh commits to Siena Heights!
Joshua Cerra's picture
Cerra, Joshua Cerra commits to Colgate!
Charlton, Joseph Charlton Commits to South Carolina!
Adam Check's picture
Check, Adam Check Commits to Robert Morris!
john clancy jr's picture
Clancy jr, John Clancy Commits to Florida Atlantic!
Colleary, Jordan Colleary Commits to Dean College!
Quinton Conaway's picture
Conaway, Quinton Conaway commits to Oregon!
Jonathan Coppens's picture
Coppens, Jonathan Coppens commits to Rice!
Corbett, Holland Corbett Commits to Virginia!
Brady Cormier's picture
Cormier, Brady Cormier commits to the Citadel!
Gregory Cormier's picture
Cormier, Gregory Cormier Commits to Texas State!
Bryce Crawford's picture
Crawford, Bryce Crawford Commits to San Jose State!
Colby Crimmins's picture
Crimmins, Colby Crimmins commits to Waynesburg University
Cummings , Michael Cummings commits to Buffalo!
Matthew Cummins's picture
Cummins, Matthew Cummins commits to Central Arkansas!
Matt Custodero's picture
Custodero, Matt Custodero commits to Furman
Chris Dahlke's picture
Dahlke , Chris Dahlke Commits to Wisconsin Whitewater!
Parker Davidson's picture
Davidson, Parker Davidson Commits to New Mexico State!
Shawn Davis's picture
Davis, Shawn Davis commits to Georgia Tech!
Bryce DeGuira's picture
DeGuira, Bryce Deguira Commits to Tusculum!
Donald Delahaye's picture
Delahaye, Donald Delahaye commits to UCF!
Denison's picture
Denison, Drake Denison Commits to West Texas A&M!
Hayden Dennis's picture
Dennis, Hayden Dennis commits to West TX A&M!
Derek Deoul's picture
Deoul, Derek Deoul commits to Maine!
John Domit's picture
Domit, John Domit Commits to Duquesne!
Dosen, Milan Dosen Commits to Northern Illinois!
Nick Dowd's picture
Dowd, Nick Dowd commits to Miami (OH)!
Sam Drysdale's picture
Drysdale, Sam Drysdale Commits to Northern Iowa!
Justen Dubay's picture
Dubay, Justen Dubay Commits to UT Martin!
Kevin Dunk's picture
Dunk, Kevin Dunk Commits to Mizzou!
Bobby Chadwick's picture
Duran, Troy Duran Commits to Stephen F. Austin!
Walker Easton's picture
Easton, Walker Easton commits to ULM!
Patrick Eby's picture
Eby, Patrick Eby Commits to Columbia!
Tyler Ellis's picture
Ellis, Tyler Ellis Commits to Tarleton State!
Joe English's picture
English, Joe English Commits to Toledo!
Nathan M Erickson's picture
Erickson, Nathan Erickson Commits to Western Illinois!
Drew Estes's picture
Estes, Drew Esetes Commits to Bryant University
Kyle Facibene's picture
Facibene, Kyle Facibene commits to Fordham
Corey Fatony's picture
Fatony, Corey Fatony Commits to Missouri!
Feddeler, Zachary Feddeler Commits to Wheaton College!
Fenlason, Samuel Fenlason Commits to Idaho!
Andrew Ferrero's picture
Ferrero, Andrew Ferrero Commits to Amherst College!
Cole Fisher's picture
Fisher, Cole Fisher commits to Mercer!
Connor Flanigan's picture
Flanigan, Connor Flanigan Commits to Angelo State!
Flores, Brandon Flores Commits to University of Idaho!
Brody Fontenot's picture
Fontenot, Brody Fontetnot Commits to Louisiana College!
Hayes Foster's picture
Foster, Hayes Foster Commits to University of Charleston!
Jack Fox's picture
Fox, Jack Fox commits to Rice!
Luke Frain's picture
Frain, Luke Frain Commits to Western Kentucky!
Harrison Frank's picture
Frank, Harrison Frannk Commits to Flordia State!
Joseph French's picture
French, Joseph French Commits to Ohio Northern!
Joe Fugate's picture
Fugate, Joe Fugate Commits to Wisconsin Platteville!
Jonathan Galinis's picture
Galinis, Jonathan Galinis commits to Frostburg State!
Drew Galitz's picture
Galitz, Andrew No.3 Kicker Commits to Baylor!
Alex Galland's picture
Galland, Alex Galland commits to Yale!
Jason Gangwisch's picture
Gangwisch, Jason Gangwisch Commits to Florida Institute of Technology!
Brett Garner's picture
Garner, Brett Garner commits to Sioux Falls!
Alec Gathright's picture
Gathright, Alec Gathright commits to Southwest Baptist!
Trent Gilbert's picture
Gilbert, Trent Gilbert Commits to Arizona State!
joe glowacki's picture
glowacki, joe Glowacki Commits to UW Platteville!
Harrison Goebel's picture
Goebel, Harrison Goebel earns scholarship to Northern Arizona!
JOEY P GOGOL's picture
Gogol, Joey Gogol Commits to Furman University!
Brennan Goodson's picture
Goodson, Brennan Goodson Commits to Valdosta State!
Heath Grady's picture
Grady, Heath Grady Commits to Miami!
Tyler Gray's picture
Gray, Tyler Gray Commits to JMU!
Cory Griffith's picture
Griffith, Cory Griffith commits to Duquesne!
Ryan Guevara's picture
Guevara, Ryan Guevara Commits to Texas A&M Commerce University!
Grant Gustafson's picture
Gustafson, Grant Gustafson Commits to Texas A&M!
Jake Gutwein's picture
Gutwein, Jake Gutwein Commits to Carnegie Melon!
Jose Hacker's picture
Hacker, Jose Hacker Commits Indiana State University!
Morgan Hagee's picture
Hagee, Morgan Hagee Commits to Ball State!
Mitch Halbach's picture
Halbach, Mitch Halbach commits to Carroll University!
Brady Hale's picture
Hale, Brady Hale Commits to South Dakota State University!
Trace Halpern's picture
Halpern, Trace Halpern Commits to Virginia!
Case Hampton Mike Loyd's picture
Hampton, Case Hampton Commits to Northeast Oklahoma A&M!
Trey Hansen's picture
Hansen, Trey Hansen Commits to Minnesota!
Samuel Hayworth's picture
Hayworth, Samuel Hayworth Commits to EKU!
Harrison Heim's picture
Heim, Harrison Heim Commits to Southeastern Louisiana!
Jacob Herbers's picture
Herbers, Jacob Herbers commits to Minnesota!
Herr, Jake Herr Commits to Purdue!
Herrington, Spencer Herrington Commits to Worcester Polytechnic Institute!
John K. Herrmann's picture
Herrmann, John Herrmann Commits to West Point!
Jake Herron's picture
Herron, Jake Herron Commits to University of Nevada!
Taylor Hintze's picture
Hintze, Taylor Hintze Commits to Weber State!
Jackson Hinze's picture
Hinze, Jackson Hinze Commits to Nebraska Wesleyan!
Brady Hoffman's picture
Hoffman, Brady Hoffman Commits to the University Of Indianapolis!
Zachary Hoffman's picture
Hoffman, Zach Hoffman Commits to South Dakota State!
Sterling Hofrichter's picture
Hofrichter, Sterling Hofrichter Commits to Syracuse!
Richard Honshtein's picture
Honshtein, III, Richard Honshtein commits to Kansas!
Kyle Hotz's picture
Hotz, Kyle Hotz Commits to Ashland University!
Alec Huntley's picture
Huntley, Alec Huntley Commits to Texas A&M- Commerce!
Nick Jaworski's picture
Jaworski, Nick Jaworski Commits to Mississippi State!
JJ Jerman's picture
Jerman, Johnathon (JJ) Jerman Commits to East Tennessee State!
Chayden Johnston's picture
Johnston, Chayden Johnston Commits to Utah!
Ryan Jones's picture
Jones, Ryan Jones Commits to Cincinnati!
Jarry Jones's picture
Jones, Jarry Jones Commits to Old Dominion!
Nicholas Keller's picture
Keller, Nicholas Keller Commits to Texas Tech!
Matthew Keller's picture
Keller, Matt Nation's No.1 snapper commits to Syracuse!
Alex Kinney's picture
Kinney, Alex Kinney Commits to Colorado!
Ricky Klein's picture
Klein, Ricky Klein Commits to Carthage College!
Jake Knight's picture
Knight, Jake Knight Commits to Pitt!
Zachary Kolodny's picture
Kolodny, Zachary Kolodny Commits to LIU Post!
Kopec, Ryan Kopec Commits to Brown!
Labus, Vinny Labus Commits to Army!
Daniel LaCamera's picture
LaCamera, Daniel LaCamera commits to Texas A&M!
LaFree, Jacob LaFree Commits to U Indy!
Adam LaManque's picture
LaManque, Adam LaManque Commits to Stetson!
Jordan Laube's picture
Laube, Jordan Laube commits to Bryant!
Troy Laufenberg's picture
Laufenberg, Troy Laufenberg Commits to Wisconsin!
Patrick LeCorre's picture
LeCorre, Patrick LeCorre Commits to Montana!
Zach Lee's picture
Lee, Zach Lee Commits to Utah State!
Hunter Lent's picture
Lent, Hunter Lent Commits to UNC!
Joshua Leon's picture
Leon, Joshua Leon Commits to Bentley!
Colton Lichtenberg's picture
Lichtenberg, Colton Lichtenberg commits to Boston College!
Lieberman, Garrett Lieberman Commits to Kansas Wesleyan University!
Riley Lovingood's picture
Lovingood, Riley Lovingood Commits to Tennessee!
Alex Lucansky's picture
Lucansky, Alex Lucansky Commits to Stony Brook!
Christopher Lutzel's picture
Lutzel, Christopher Lutzel Commits to Baylor!
Dan Madden's picture
Madden, Dan Madden Commits to Grand Valley State!
Nick Madonia's picture
Madonia, Nick Madonia commits to Tennessee Tech!
Logan Mathes's picture
Mathes, Logan Mathes commits to University of the Cumberlands!
Evan Maxey's picture
Maxey, Nicholas Maxey Commits to Air Force!
Zach Mays's picture
Mays, Zach Mays Commits to Cornell!
Joe McCollum's picture
McCollum, Joe McCollum Commits to Lehigh!
Charles McGugan's picture
McGugan, Charles McGugan Commits to Marshall University!
Mason McLean's picture
McLean, Mason McLean earns scholarship to Jacksonville State!
Nicholas McLellan's picture
McLellan, Nicholas McLellan Commits to Kansas State!
Steven Mejia's picture
Mejia, Steven Meija Commits to Princeton!
Isaac Mercado's picture
Mercado, Isaac Mercado Commits to Valparaiso University!
Taylor Merritt's picture
Merritt, Taylor Merritt Commits to Southern University!
kees metselaar's picture
Metselaar, Kees Metselaar Commits to University of Idaho!
Metzer, Jake Metzer Commits to Penn State
James Metzgar Jr.'s picture
Metzgar Jr., James Metzgar Commits to Clarion University!
Taylor Middlebrooks's picture
Middlebrooks, Taylor Middlebrooks Commits to Missouri S&T!
Jonathan Milazzo's picture
Milazzo, Jonathan Milazzo Commits to Illinois!
Edward Mish III's picture
Mish III, Edward Mish Commits to Lehigh University!
Bennett Moehring's picture
Moehring, Bennett Moehring commits to Navy!
Jake Monteiro's picture
Monteiro, Jake Monteiro Commits to Rutgers!
Chris Moore's picture
Moore, Chris Texas Prospect Commits to Iowa State!
Rhett Morrison's picture
Morrison, Rhett Morrison Commits to Murray State!
Alex Ng's picture
Ng, Alex NG Commits to Valparaiso University!
Joe Nissen's picture
Nissen, Joey Nissen commits to Grandview!
Lucas Norblom's picture
Norblom, Lucas Norblom Commits to Valley City State University!
Brett Norton's picture
Norton, Brett Norton Commits to Presbyterian!
Adam Nunez's picture
Nunez, Adam Nunez Commits to TCU!
Thomas ODowd's picture
O'Dowd, Thomas O'Dowd Commits to Memphis!
Coleman Olivas's picture
Olivas, Coleman Olivas Commits to University of Mary!
Matt Oliveira's picture
Oliveira, Matt Oliviera Commits to Maryland!
Jordan Orme's picture
Orme, Jordan Orme Commits to APU!
Peyton Paddock's picture
Paddock, Peyton Paddock Commits to Iowa State!
Austin Parker's picture
Parker, Austin Parker Commits to Duke!
Cam Pedersen's picture
Pedersen, Cam Pedersen Commits to NDSU!
Brandon Peege's picture
Peege, Brandon Peege Commits to Eastern Kentucky!
Tanner Pettet's picture
Pettet, Tanner Pettet commits to Missouri Western!
Spencer Pettit's picture
Pettit, Spencer Pettit Commits to Nevada!
Phibbs, Patrick Phibbs Commits to Clemson!
Matthew Philichi's picture
Philichi, Matthew Philichi Commits to Air Force!
Cody Pickard's picture
Pickard, Cody Pickard Commits to Toledo!
Alex Piehler's picture
Piehler, Alex Piehler commits to St. Cloud!
Michael Pifer's picture
Pifer, Michael Pifer Commits to Navy!
Zach Potter's picture
Potter, Zach Zach Potter commits to Army
Nicolas Pritchard's picture
Pritchard, Nicolas Pritchard Commits to Maryland!
Shawn Prokash's picture
Prokash, Shawn Prokash Commits to Stevens Point!
Aleksandar Prpa's picture
Prpa, Aleksandar (Leki) Prpa commits to UW Parkside-
Jaycee Pummill's picture
Pummill, Jaycee Pummill Commits to Virginia Union!
Chris Qualls's picture
Qualls, Chris Qualls Commits to Louisiana Monroe!
Evan Rabon's picture
Rabon, Evan Rabon Commits to Coastal Carolina!
Cristian Ramirez's picture
Ramirez, Cristian Ramirez Commits to Carson Newman!
yanni ramos.'s picture
ramos, yanni Ramos Commits to Western Kentucky!
Brandon Ray's picture
Ray, Brandon Ray Commits to Southeastern University!
Lane Reazin's picture
Reazin, Lane Reazin commits to Southern Illinois!
Refae, Rayan Refae Commits to Wyoming!
Kyle Reighard's picture
Reighard, Kyle Reighard Commits to Charleston Southern!
Alex Rinella's picture
Rinella, Alex Rinella commits to Western Kentucky!
Jeff Riney's picture
Riney, Jeff Riney Commits to Notre Dame!
Logan Robbins's picture
Robbins, Logan Robbins Commits to Indiana!
Kevin Robledo's picture
Robledo, Kevin Robledo Commits to SMU!
Daniel Rodriguez's picture
Rodriguez, Daniel Rodriguez Commits to Oregon State!
Anthony Roefaro's picture
Roefaro, Anthony Roefaro Commits to St. Francis!
justin rohrwasser's picture
Rohrwasser, justin Rohrwasser commits to Rhode Island!
Michael J Rubino's picture
Rubino, Michael Rubino Commits to App State!
Nicholas Rubinowicz's picture
Rubinowicz, Nicholas Rubinowicz commits to Maryland!
Sak, Hayden Sak Commits to NIU!
Chase Samuels's picture
Samuels, Chase Samuels Commits to Minnesota!
Jonas Schenderlein's picture
Schenderlein , Jonas Schenderlein Commits to Concordia St. Paul!
Carter Schmitz's picture
Schmitz, Carter Schmitz Commits to University of St. Thomas!
Joe Schopper's picture
Schopper, M. Joe Schopper Commits to Purdue!
Spencer Scott's picture
Scott, Spencer Scott Commits to Harvard!
See, Logan See Commits to Tiffin University!
Austin Seibert's picture
Seibert, Austin Seibert Commits to Oklahoma!
Timothy Semenza's picture
Semenza, Timothy Semenza Commits to Montana!
Quinn Sonntag's picture
Sonntag, Quinn Sonntag Commits to Texas Tech!
Mason Southall's picture
Southall, Mason Southall Commits to Olivet Nazarene!
Cole Stanton's picture
Stanton, Cole Stanton Commits to Hendrix College!
Jackson Subbert's picture
Subbert, Jackson Subbert commits to Iowa!
Drake Sutton's picture
Sutton, Drake Sutton Commits to Eastern Michigan!
Riggs Tamburo's picture
Tamburo, Riggs Tamburo Commits to Scottsdale JC!
Samson Tamijani's picture
Tamijani, Samson Tamijani Commits to William Penn!
Michael Tarbutt's picture
Tarbutt, Michael Tarbutt Commits to UConn!
Tyler Tekac's picture
Tekac, Tyler Tekac Commits to South Carolina!
Luke Theis's picture
Theis, Luke Theis commits to Missouri Western!
Justin Thompson's picture
Thompson, Justin Thompson commits to Kennesaw State!
Matthew Thorman's picture
Thorman, Matthew Thorman Commits to Northwest Missouri State!
Will Tommie's picture
Tommie, Will Tommie commits to Tusculum College!
Laszlo Toser III's picture
Toser III, Laszlo Toser commits to Tennessee!
Tommy Townsend's picture
Townsend, Tommy Townsend Commits to Tennessee!
Ben Utter's picture
Utter, Ben Utter Commits to UNC Pembrook!
Leo Vagias's picture
Vagias, Leonidas Vagias Commits to Rhode Island!
Valerio, Sebastian Valerio Commits to the University of Washington!
Jameson Vest's picture
Vest, Jameson Vest Commits to Toledo!
Carson Vey's picture
Vey, Carson Vey Commits to Penn!
Chase Vinatieri's picture
Vinatieri, Chase Vinatieri Commits to South Dakota State!
Cordell Vogel's picture
Vogel, Cordell Vogel Commits to Stephen F. Austin!
Lance Waldrop's picture
Waldrop, Lance Waldrop Commits to West Georgia!
Ivy wall lv's picture
Wall, Ivy Wall Commits to Southeastern Louisiana University!
Mason Weissenhofer's picture
Weissenhofer, Mason Weissenhofer Commits to Northwestern!
Wilkinson, Christopher Wilkinson Commits to Chesterfield FC!
Joshua Williams's picture
Williams, Joshua Williams commits to SMU!
Stone Wilson Coach John Peacock's picture
Wilson, Stone Wilson Commits to FIU
Casey Winner's picture
Winner, Casey Winner Commits to FAU!
Kaleb Wolf's picture
Wolf, Kaleb Wolf Commits to Northen Michigan!
Jordan Wombacker's picture
Wombacker, Jordan Wombacker Commits to Penn State!
Zachary Wood's picture
Wood, Zach Wood Commits to Marshall!
Justin Yoon's picture
Yoon, Justin Yoon commits to Notre Dame!
Donnovan Young's picture
Young, Donnovan Young Commits to Robert Morris!
Andrew Zecca's picture
Zecca, Andrew Zecca Commits to St. Francis!
Louie Zervos's picture
Zervos, Louie Zervos commits to Ohio!
Thomas Zinselmeier's picture
Zinselmeier, Tom Zinselmeier Commits to MN State!