2010 Punters National Rating System

1/6/17 - We only evaluate campers that we have personally seen at a Kohl's camp. In order to assure yourself a ranking you must attend a Kohl's Showcase camp or the Scholarship camp. When ranking we ask the question, "If there was a college game today, is this athlete ready to help a college team win?". We look at the camp charts and take into account the different conditions at each camp. We also look strongly at how an athlete performs in drill work when they know they are being evaluated and graded. We see how they handle pressure and react in the camp competitions. We see certain athletes multiple times a year and try to grade them on their average performance. RANKINGS NOTE: Kohl's sees more athletes than anyone else in America at our 105 events. There may be over 200 Kohl's high school seniors playing college football next season. There are many good prospects at the 4.0 and 4.5 star levels that will start in college in the future.

(5.0 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
1 Hagerup, William 212 6' 4" Hard worker, very competitive, wants to be the best, brother starts at Indiana, offers from everyone in college football, gets great hang time, multiple 5.0 hangs at Scholarship Camp last summer, finished high in Multiple National Events over the last 3 years WI Michigan
2 Clark, Steven 240 6' 5" Steven has the best frame in 2010 class, tremendous improvement since KC training camp, won the National Scholarship Invitational Camp charting and competition, the most dominant punter at camp, a sure fire D1 punter, 6'6 240 lbs, great swing AL Auburn
3 Sadler, Mike 185 6' 1" Natural lefty punter, finished 1st at National Scholarship camp last summer for the 2010 class, Darr/Hagerup/Sadler in class by themselves, Sadler shows the most consistency during camps/competitions, hit huge punts last summer, and looked great this winter, KO right footed, good kicker, #1 ranking to be settled at Scholarship Camp MI Michigan State
4 Darr, Matt 225 6' 2" National level track athlete, had multiple 4.9-5.0 hang times at LA Showcase, 6'2 215 lbs, explosive, great technique, short steps, low drop, great attitude, HS resume is excellent, great game footage, huge upside, will battle for #1 ranking at Scholarship Camp CA University of Tennessee
5 Mandell, Cody 225 6' 4" Explosive punter, BCS level punter, should receive great college offers, Strong on KO's, has hit 4.8 hang times at multiple camps, focus is improving, dominated at Dallas Showcase in December, Hit over 5.0 hang times at the National Scholarship Camp LA University of Alabama
6 Smith, Kip 205 6' " BCS leg, Hit multiple 80 yd plus KO with strong wind, great HS film, won FG contest at Dallas Showcase, coordinated, one of the best overall combo k/p in the country, improved since December, smooth, consistent, excelled in Dallas this spring. Showed he can also punt at the D1 level at the National Invitational Scholarship Camp. CO Oklahoma State
7 Van Der Kamp, Kirby 211 6' 4" 6'3 athlete, Good WR, late bloomer in punting, excellent talent, fast leg, had the best charts at Midwest Showcase Camp, BCS talent, drop needs work to maximize talent, gets great distance and good hang time IA Commit Iowa State
8 Lloyd, John 225 6' 3" Showed great consistency and distance at the National Scholarship Camp, a D1 prospect, needs a little more hang time to move up in ranking OH University of Cincinnati
9 Ginsburgh, Jonathan 190 6' " Strong leg, steps have gotten better, Hit 57 yard 4.8 punt at Midwest Showcase Camp, won the punt competition that day, has converted to a 2 step punter, get off times have gotten better, BCS level punter, should get more great D1 offers LA Tulane
10 Tarpley, Brandon 175 6' 1" May have strongest KO leg in the country, Hit multiple 4.2+ hangs at FSU Showcase, Multiple 80 yard KO, Multiple 60 yard punts, FG have improved since spring. Brandon is a D1 kicker/punter. He does need to shorten his Punt steps in college. FL
11 Hocker, Zach 165 6' Choose" Super Explosive, Zach may have strongest leg in the nation, Hits big KO's, Punts, FG are solid. Zach is one of the best all-around specialists in the nation. Zach had the best single session in punting with a avg. score of 116. Is a D1 kicker and punter. AR Arkanasa
12 Picano, Chris 200 5' 11" MI Grand Valley State
13 Pucylowski, Austin 225 6' 3" 6'4 225lbs punter who can drive a ball as far as anyone in the country, hang times have been clocked at 4.7-4.8 this summer, tremendous improvement this summer, made the final round of the punt competition at the National Scholarship Camp WI Southern Illinois
14 Sawyer, Ethan 200 6' 1" Great Punt/KO prospect, had great charts at the National Scholarship Camp. Ethan proved he has D1 tools. Will continue to develop in college, extremely good leg strength SD South Dakota State
15 Karutz, Jay 200 6' 2" Australian with good pop on the ball, the best rugby punter Kohl's have ever seen, ball skills are tremendous, can place a ball anywhere on the field, a good athlete Eastern Michigan
16 Hoffmann, Zachary 200 6' 1" CA Air Force
17 Cerett, Andrew 255 6' 5" Andrew won the punting competition with a 60 yard bomb. He also hit multiple punts that had over 4.8 seconds of hang-time at camp. We at Kohl's are excited to watch Andrew punt in college where he will be able to focus solely on punting. PA California University of PA
18 Perez, Rory 190 6' 3" MT Montana State
(4.5 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
19 Olen, Zach 205 5' 10" 5.0 star Leg, looked better on FG at the 2nd Kohl's lead camp this summer. Zach hit a 4.40 hang time on a 73 yard KO this past summer. Zach is a lefty who is a D1 Kicker and might be a D1 punter. TX University of North Texas
20 Lowe, Matthew 200 5' 11" Had very good charts at the National Scholarship Camp IN
21 Craig, Jake 187 6' " A very nice FG/KO/P combo athlete, very coordinated and talented KS Pitt State
22 Doherty, Ronnie 183 6' 1" Ronnie has gotten stronger on KO's since last December. Ronnie is solid on FG off the ground and also punts well. He is a mature competitor who had a very solid National Scholarship Camp. TX University of Kansas
23 Beltran, Pablo 190 " Technically solid, pure drop, low drop table, very windy day to be judged in Dallas TX Navy
24 Romaine, Trevor 185 6' " CA Oregon State University
25 Butterworth, Alex 185 6' " Hang time is D1 level, distance needs to improve IN Penn State University
26 Diaz, Joshua 175 5' 11" TX
27 Craig, Jake 187 6' " KS
28 Vandenberg, Kelby 185 6' 3" Has 4.5 potential, good athlete, drives the ball well NE Nebraska Wesleyan
29 Kuehn, Scott 190 6' " Lefty has D1 tools, drop and steps are too raw right now to move up on the rankings IL Illinois State
30 McClain, Shaun 188 6' 3" CA Weber State
31 Sutphen, Sheldon 192 6' 4" Had very good charts at the National Scholarship Camp TX Saint Xavier
32 Penksa, Andrew 165 5' 8" Had very good charts at the National Scholarship Camp PA Saint Francis
34 Wilhelm, DJ 172 " IA Colorado*
35 Hayduk, Aaron 210 6' 1" BCS level Leg for punting, Steps and drop need work TX
36 Krysinski, Mason 185 6' 2" 5.0 star leg on KO, needs to hit more consistent ball flight on FG to move up, Punting is improving, D1 potential, great frame to add weight in years to come MI Miami Of Ohio
37 Schaible, Eric 190 6' 4" Great KO, Punting is still improving, could be excellent in college OH Rose-Hulman University
38 Kindler, Eric 180 6' 1" Had very good charts at the National Scholarship Camp WI UW-Whitewater
39 Decker, Jacob 185 5' 9" Consistent, smooth, great HS punter, has D1 potential, hang time needs to get slightly better TX Angelo State
40 Farley, David 175 5' 11" IA St. Ambrose
41 Perez, Mikale 168 5' 10" Had very good charts at the National Scholarship Camp MI
42 Cappleman, Matt 200 6' 1" Had very good charts at the National Scholarship Camp FL Sewanee University
43 Bell, Matt 165 " Had very good charts at the National Scholarship Camp WA
44 Zalud, Bobby 170 5' 6" Made 9-10 FG at CA Showcase. Fast leg, showed BCS leg strength, competitive, focused, winner, hard worker, good punter, body frame may hurt punting potential, Won National Scholarship KO charting, Extremely fast leg speed, good on FG, Field Goal height off the ground needs a little work CA Cal Poly
45 Antle, Zachary 180 6' 2" IA Grandview
46 Mothander, David 190 6' 3" NH Harvard
47 Sandler, David 175 5' 10" Showed flashes of D1 potential at CA Showcase Camp CA Moorpark College
48 French, Kyle 195 6' 2" Focused, competitive, handles pressure, winner of multiple large camp competitions. Leg strength moved into BCS status this spring with multiple 4.0+ sec. hangs on KO's at May Showcase, Kyle went 10-10 on FG charting in May, Kyle made the finals at the Scholarship Camp during the FG competition. WI University of Wisconsin
49 Baner, Sean 185 6' 1" Strong built, had 5.0 star charts at Eastern Showcase Camp, a player to watch PA
50 Frosch, Cameron 170 6' 2" Good Punter, windy day to be judged TX A&M Commerce
51 Maldonado, Alejandro 180 5' 11" Great Height on FG, D1 leg, very smooth and coordinated on FG and KO. Hit 4.0 hang times on KO. Made 9-10 FG at CA Showcase Camp. Alejando's strength is his ball striking ability on FG. CA University of Oregon
52 Satterfield, James 165 6' " TN UT-Martin
53 Ondish, Jeff 185 6' 2" Showed great flashes, drop and consistency very questionable MD Maine
54 MacZura, Matt 222 6' 2" PA Georgetown
55 Stein, Jeremy 205 6' 1" CA Drake
56 Syrovatka, Justin 170 5' 9" Justin is worthy of offering a scholarship, his FG approach has improved and KO's are solid SD South Dakota State University
57 Parkey, Cody " Cody was the nation's 1st D1 offer in the 2010 class. He has proved why at 5 Kohl's events over the last couple of years. He is a very smooth, coordinated, and powerful kicker. Kohl's has asked him to take the 1st spot in the Under Armour All-American Game. Cody was named most outstanding kicker at the 2009 National Invitational Scholarship Camp. Cody has a rare combination of coordination and leg speed. University of Auburn
58 Secor, Scott 155 5' 10" Scott is explosive on KO and accurate on FG. Scott has BCS leg and confidence to perform under pressure. Won every competition at Midwestern Showcase Camp in May, Won KO at Dec. Showcase IL Ball State
59 Kloss, Marvin 170 6' " BCS leg strength shown at multiple camps, competitive, great height and control on FG. College ready, Smooth approach on FG, 4.0+ hangs on KO, winner of FG comp. at Florida State Showcase. Had outstanding National Scholarship Camp. FL South Florida
60 Firestone, AJ 230 6' " Solid college potential- great drive and leg strength PA Wagner University
61 Flynn, Parker 180 5' 11" 5.0 FG kicker, won games with 40+ yard FG, KO's are strong but not top 10 level, a great mentality for a kicker, consistent, gamer CA Arizona State
62 Dann, Jason 170 6' " 5.0 star FG kicker, very coordinated, going to Nebraska TX Commit Nebraska*
63 Tapia, Zachary 175 5' 11" Hit some solid punts at CA Showcase Camp CA New Mexico Highlands
64 Kane, Jake 190 " Jake is a solid KO and FG specialist. Jake is a D1 kicker. Jake had a solid National Scholarship camp. He did not complete the full charting at camp to receive full rankings on the camp results. He did show enough to make him a 5 star athlete. Jake has a great frame and natural stroke on FG. TX University of Houston
66 Delpont, Austin 190 6' " KY Eastern Kentucky
(4.0 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
Baker, Pat 175 6' " Gamer, KO have improved, confident, pure ball striker, finished in the top 30 on KO's at the National Scholarship Camp FL
Barber, Mauricio 173 5' 10" Showed college punting potential at FSU Showcase Camp FL
Coghlan, Chase 175 5' 9" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp TX
Delaney, Paul 200 6' 2" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp IL
Denuel, Stephen 160 6' " Showed college punting potential at Eastern Showcase Camp VA
Dyer, Patrick 185 6' 2" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp OH
Elvidge, Hunter 175 6' O" Hunter attended the Midwest Showcase camp in December 2011. He needs to work on driving the ball more, hang times were solid, if he can improve on the consistency of his charting he has the ability to move up in the ratings. IA
Fritz, Mark 180 6' 1" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp PA
Garza, Seth 195 5' 10" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp TX
Guelff, Stephen 160 6' " Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp FL
Halligan, Sean 175 6' " Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp WA
Jachim, Kyle 180 6' " Showed well at Chicago training camp, hits a pure spiral, a better punting shoe may help Kyle turn more balls over IL
Johnson, Colter 180 6' 3" Showed college punting potential at Eastern Showcase Camp PA
Johnson, Ryan 185 6' " Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp KY
Piner, Kyle 185 5' 11" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp FL
Scott, Jake 150 5' 10" Jake had an impressive showing at the National Scholarship Camp, his kicking and punting were both at the 4 star level, coordinated athlete who has a lot of potential AL
Speziale, Aric 170 5' 9" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp VA
Stern, Kristian 160 5' 11" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp TX
Stockstill, Sam 180 5' 11" Showed college punting potential at FSU Showcase Camp FL
Thompson, Billy 190 6' 3" Drop is outside the body, athletic enough to be D1 punter/KO man GA
Tollan, Sean 180 6' 2" Showed College Potential at National Scholarship Camp WA
Trahan, Taylor 185 5' 9" Strong kicker, has shown 5.0 leg strength, needs more consistency to move up TX
Valadez, Steven 175 5' 11" Did well at Dallas Showcase in Competitions TX
(3.5 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
Beegle, Bo 175 5' 9" OH West Virginia Wesleyan
Bennett, Christopher 195 6' O" PA
Burnett, Dylan 185 6' Choose" TN Mississippi State**
Graham, Tyler 130 5' 11" TN
Lucey, Joe 185 6' 3" WI
Vergenal, Siegan 185 6' 1" LA