College Transfer Punters National Rating System

06/01/15 - This is the 1st of 3 rankings Kohl's will do this year. We only evaluate campers that we have personally seen at a Kohl's camp. In order to assure yourself a ranking you must attend a Kohl's Showcase camp or the Scholarship camp. When ranking we ask the question, "If there was a college game today, is this athlete ready to help a college team win?". We look at the camp charts and take into account the different conditions at each camp. We also look strongly at how an athlete performs in drill work when they know they are being evaluated and graded. We see how they handle pressure and react in the camp competitions. We see certain athletes multiple times a year and try to grade them on their average performance. RANKINGS NOTE: Kohl's sees more athletes than anyone else in America at our 105 events. There may be over 200 Kohl's high school seniors playing college football next season. There are many good prospects at the 4.0 and 4.5 star levels that will start in college in the future.

(5.0 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
1 Kozlik, Zachary 205 5' 10" Zachary had great showing at the 2015 Western Dec Showcase. He showed Scholarship worthy talent at camp. His has quick hands and good feet. Explosive hips help him create hang time's in the 4.8-5.1 second range. Very talented transfer Punter. CA
2 Gastelum, Edgar 210 6' 2" Edgar has a top 5 leg nationally, special leg speed, KO weapon, FG are solid but not spectacular, with continued work he can get his FG to be more consistent, big-time potential, can hit 80 yard KO's, D1 talent. Edgar has been working on his punting and has made great improvement, His leg is fast and his hands are improving, Edgar's leg strength and frame project him to be more of a KO/Punter in college. AZ Arizona*
3 Daily, Aidan 190 6' 2" Dailey most recently attended the 2016 Spring Western Showcase Camp. He hit multiple 50+ yard punts at camp. He has top 5 leg strength and showed great ability to turn over the football. He continues to show improvement in his consistency and is someone who can be a great asset to a D1 program. CA Akron-Offer
4 Heicklen, Brandon 180 6' O" Heicklen attended the 2016 Spring Western Showcase Camp. He averaged close to 47 yards and 4.5 seconds of hang during the charting portion of camp. He showed great consistency and was able to perform when he was called upon. Someone who has the talent to play D1 football. CA
5 pearce, blake 180 6' 1" Pearce most recently attended the 2016 Spring Texas Showcase Camp. He is very a very talented all round specialist who would be valuable to a D1 program. He averaged 55 yards during the punt charting session of camp and also made 8 out of 10 on FG's. He is someone who should be watched closely over the upcoming months. OK
6 Dussold, Austin 215 6' 2" Dussold recently competed at the 2015 Senior Challenge. Austin has made tremendous strides in his leg strength and has D1 talent. His control of his drop and consistency with flexibility up and through the ball not side to side will help improve his game. Austin competed at the 2014 Texas Winter Showcase Camp. He is a big time college punter. He has a solid frame with clean mechanics. He has made significant strides in technique and explosiveness, The ball jumps off his foot. With continued improvement in turning the ball over, he will move up the rankings. MO North Dakota
7 Reazin, Lane 205 6' 3" Reazin most recently attended the 2016 Senior Challenge in Orlando, FL. He once again used his big frame well hitting multiple 50+ yard punts. He has been working hard at improving his consistency and is someone to consider at the D1 level. Lane is a tall and powerful punter. Has a good solid build. Lane was invited and competed at the 2014 NSC and charted well for himself. He was able to hit 50+ yard punts with 4.5+ of hang. Top end punting prospect who dominated at the TX Showcase in Dec of 2014. OK Southern Illinois*
8 Bouldin, Thomas 215 6' 2" Thomas showed scholarship worthy punting ability at the 2015 Western Dec Showcase. He moved well with his feet and had a very quick opp time. Solid directional punter as well. He drove the ball well and was capable of hitting 50+ yard punts with ease. Very good transfer punter. CA Indiana State
9 Dearen, Chadd 215 6' 3" Chad is a D1 prospect. The ball explodes off of his foot. He was one of the best and most refined punters we saw on the 2014 Showcase Tour. Charted exceptionally well at the 2014 Texas Showcase against a very talented field of prospects. Has the ability to kick FG's and blast KO's as well. He is an impact player. Transfer issues- will be highly sought after in winter of 2015 TX Oklahoma State
10 Meeker-Hackett, Jacob 200 6' O" Meeker-Hackett competed at the 2016 Western showcase camp. He showed better during the live punting portion of camp. Someone who has shown that he is capable of keeping up with anyone in the nation. Needs to continue to work on consistency of his drop to move up in the rankings. AZ
11 Aguilar, Jon 200 6' O" Aguilar attended the 2016 Spring Showcase Camp in CA. He showed great leg strength and consistency in his punting. He charted very well going close to a 48 yard average on 9 punts. He is someone who has shown the ability to play D1 football. CA
12 Jalowy, Briley 180 6' 1" Briley showed well at the 2015 Dec TX Showcase. He is a scholarship worthy combo prospect. He showed best in punting where he was able to hit some punts with great hang and distance. His FG's were solid as well where he charted 7 makes. Everyone one of his KO's was over 70. Briley has huge upside, can hit 80 KO's and big punts, consistency and technique is below where most of his peers are at, needs refinement in order to move up and maximize his talent. Briley was invited and competed at the 2014 NSC. He was able to catch a couple of punts but improved control of his drop is very important for Briley to realize his potential. Briley excelled on his KO's, he hit them for good distance and hang time. His FG's need to be cleaned up, especially off the ground, he has lots of potential but with current technique it will be difficult to reach his potential. TX
13 Duran, Troy 170 6' 3" Troy has competed at several Showcases and the most recent being in May of 2014 where he showed big improvement. Big strong frame, good athlete, has some solid "A" balls, needs to continue to work on the details required to become dominant, hitting a cleaner ball will help him move up, showed well in both kicking and punting, solid day in May 2014 TX Stephen F Austin
14 Cooney, Nolan 185 6' 2" Nolan had a great showing at the 2015 TX Dec Showcase. Huge upside as a punter, he can continue to increase his confidence in his drop table but he charted well. Directional punting is strong. Increasing confidence in his hang time will be key. Showed well in KO's as well, multiple 70+ yard KO's. FG's were solid as well. RI
(4.5 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
15 Metzer, Jake 210 6' 3" Metzer recently competed at the 2016 Eastern Showcase Camp. He showed great leg strength during the camp. Needs to continue to work on his repeatabilty. With continued improvement in his drop he has a good chance at being a successful college punter. PA Penn State*
16 Bjurman, Dan 205 6' 4" Dan is a talented true combo prospect. He charted well in both Kicking and punting at the 2015 Dec Western Showcase. Quick leg and long levers allow him to generate some great leg speed. Increasing ball striking and repeatability in his drop will help his punting improve. Talented transfer. CA
17 Manning, Tommy 185 6' 2" Tommy competed at the 2015 Western Dec Showcase and showed high level punting ability. He is very solid with his directional punting. Increasing his tempo and rhythm should allow him to use his long frame more effectively. Solid punting prospect. CA UNLV*
18 Laudet, Danny "Frenchie" 220 6' 4" Danny showed improved refinement in his FG kicking at the 2015 Dec Midwest Showcase. He shows flashes of his potential in punting. Continuing to increase his consistency with his drop in punting will be key for future development. Improving consistency on his KO's are key as well, his "A" ball is tremendous . Danny competed at the 2014 Western Winter Showcase Camp. Danny has the potential to be a big time college prospect. He needs to work on using his frame more efficiently, hitting up and through on punts and working on his finish through the ball on FG's will be he for his continued improvement. His Leg strength is at the top of his class, his technique is what needs to continued to be improved. MN
19 Patterson, Bobby 175 6' 2" Bobby showed solid improvement in all areas of his kicking and punting at the 2015 Midwest Dec Showcase. His leg has gotten stronger and he showed improved refinement in his punting ability. FG's looked solid off the ground as well, clean rotation and good lift. Bobby recently competed at the 2014 NSC, he showed improvement in his charting. He hit some great hang time punts and showed glimpses of his overall potential. He does need to work on his drop and his flexibility up and through the ball. Improving confidence off the ground on FG's will help his overall potential as well. He charted consistently on KO's but he needs to generate more power in order to move up the rankings. IA
20 Ascarrunz, Forrest 175 6' 1" Forrest recently attended the 2015 Western Dec Showcase. His rhythm and tempo were good, increasing leg strength will be key. Directionally punter well and was able to generate consistent rotation as well. He shows good “pop” at times, needs to continue to work on refining his repeatability to maximize his talent, rarely hits his “A”ball, “A” ball is competitive when hit CA
21 Baum, Aaron 223 6' 3" Aaron showed great ability to step up and he hit some of his best FG's of the day during the FG competition at the 2015 Eastern Dec Showcase and Senior Challenge. He won the FG comp and hit some clean rotating footballs. Continuing to improve tempo on KO's and bringing in his drop on punts will help him improve further. He is a solid college prospect. He showed great range during the FG competition of camp. He was able to hit from 60 off the ground. Aaron is a very good FG kicker, he can contribute immediately on FG at the college level. FL Missouri Valley College
22 Speights, Jim 230 6' O" We last saw Jim in May of 2015 at a Spring Showcase Camp, Jim is a talented K/P. His punting is currently ahead of his FG and KO's, showed some big improvement in both kicking and punting since we last saw him, he charted well and hit some big punts at camp. He needs to continue to improve his operation time but showed strong college talent this spring MS
23 O'Brien, Patrick 180 6' 1" Patrick attended the National Scholarship Camp in July 2015. Showed good ball striking ability and with continued strength improvement will be one of the best available JC transfers this winter. His punting is improving and he shows solid technique in punting as well. TX
24 Hall, Dalton 251 6' 2" Hall, had a solid showing at the 2015 Senior Showcase. He showed imporved confidence in his ball stiking in KO's and in FG's. His "A" ball in punting was great, improving his drop and consistency on contact will be key for improving his current ability. Dalton competed at the 2014 Southern Winter Showcase. He has powerful hips and quick leg. He showed well in FG's and KO's. He does have the ability to punt but he is much more technically refined in his FG and KO's. Continued improvement in ball striking will help his overall improvement. SC Tuskegee University
25 kidd, max 190 6' O" Max showed glimpses of what he is capable of at the 2015 Western Dec Showcase. Big time potential. Needs to continue to improve confidence in his KO approach and ball striking in FG's. Max competed at multiple Kohl's Camps in HS, he is a late bloomer who showed great college potential in Jan of 2015, he made a 61 yard FG off the ground and showed enough leg strength to compete at most D1 programs, somone to keep an eye on! HIt big KO's at May 2015 Showcase Camp FL
26 Marquez, Diego 200 6' 1" Diego is a talented ball striker and once again at the 2015 Dec Western Showcase showed to be one of the best transfers available. Huge upside for this D1 Kicker. Clean rotation and great lift on his ball. He can continue to work on cleaning up rotation on KO's. Diego has matured athletically and is sitting out this fall to transfer next spring. He is a D1 kicker who showed very well at our Western Showcase Camp in May of 2015. He has a big leg and his consistency is solid. He should be a highly recruited kicker this fall and winter. He can punt as well but his kicking is ahead of his punting currently. CA Miami
27 Luna, Rigo 200 5' 11" Rigo is a talented ball striker. One of the better FG kickers out there looking to transfer. His KO's were well above average at the 2014 Western Winter Showcase Camp. Rigo is a competitive kicker who competed well at camp. Rigo displayed the ability to punt as well, he hit numerous 40+ yard punts and even hit a 4.77 second hang as well. CA
28 Piccione, Eric 170 5' 10" We saw Eric in Spring of 2013 at a Showcase Camp, shows good “pop” at times, needs to continue to work on refining his repeatability to maximize his talent, rarely hits his “A” ball, “A” ball is competitive when he hit’s it, with continued improvement in his consistency he should be a good prospect. TX Northeastern State
29 Watson, Kyle 210 6' 3" Kyle has all the tools to be a top 5 punter nationally, want to see him continue to work on his drop, steps. He needs to get out and work at his craft. He competed at the 2014 Western Winter Showcase and showed flashes of his potential. PA
(4.0 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
Aldrich, Troy 205 6' 1" Troy competed at a May Showcase Camp in 2015 and will compete for the starting punting job at Iowa Western this fall. He showed flashes of very good talent and consistency improvement will help him have a great season. IA
Clark, Jonathan 190 6' O" Jonathan participated in the 2011 Texas Showcase camp, he needs to work on his hands and his drop to improve consistency, showed he can drive his "A" ball fairly well LA
Corbett, Holland 143 6' O" Saw Holland at multiple Kohl's events. he has an athletic frame on which he can continue to make good athletic gains in the future, has the tools to become good, hit a few good "A" balls, his leg speed gives him a chance to do some very positive things as a specialist, seemed jet lagged in July of 2014, was very impressive in June of 2014 VA Virginia*
Guididas, Joseph 170 6' O" Joseph attended a December 2012 Showcase Camp. Shows good “pop” at times, needs to continue to work on refining his repeatability to maximize his talent, hits his “A” ball on occasion, “A” ball is competitive when he hit’s it. Consistency is key to improvement. MD
Lopez, Eric 190 5' 10" Lopez recently competed at the 2016 Spring Western Showcase. He charted well during the KO portion of camp. Needs to continue to refine his overall technique on FG's to move up in the rankings. Has a powerful leg and with continued work on technique he could be a good college specialist. AZ
Olson, Steven 180 6' 1" Olson recently competed at the 2016 Senior Challenge in Orlando, FL. He showed good leg strength at times. Needs to continue to keep working on consistency in order to improve as a specialist. Steven competed in the December 2012 Southern Showcase. He performed well in the field goal competition. Shows good natural talent, hits solid hang-times on his kicks, needs to drive the ball better with more consistency. Competed at the UC Challenge and National Scholarship Camp FL Chowan