Past College Transfer Snappers National Rating System

(5.0 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
2 Baumann, Theron 250 6' 2" Theron attended the 2013 MidWest SC in December where he showed tremendous velocity finishing camp with an average snap time of .67 seconds from 14 yards. He has good ball rotation and is very explosive with his hips and hands. Theron will benefit by slowing down pre snap which will make him much more accurate to his target. He finished by scoring on 11/15 snaps and putting 4 through the target. WI
3 Beool, Mohammed 175 5' 7" Mohammed attended the 2015 Winter Showcase event in Los Angeles. He snapped well throughout the day and showed consistency with his sprial and location during the live portion of camp. Mohammed scored on 6 of his 12 snaps with an average snap time of .68 seconds. What he does not have in size at 5',7" and 175 pounds, he makes up for with athleticism. He ran a 4.24 second pro agility and showed good footwork during the evaluation portion of camp. CA
4 Pekera, Keith 220 6' 1" Keith finished first at the Western SC in December with a 38/45. He averaged .77 seconds for his snap time and put 8/15 snaps through the target. During the 2013 NSC in July Keith finished with a .77 second snap time and scored on 13/17 LS with connecting on11/15 SS. He completed 9 reps @ 185 lbs. during the strength portion. At the 2013 Western Showcase Event in April Keith snapped the ball well and stayed consistent with his performance. He connected on 10/15 snaps with 5 going through the target. Keith finished camp with an average snap time of .74 seconds and showed quick mechanics and good ball rotation. Keith performed well and stayed consistent during the 2012 Western Showcase Event in November where he scored 27/45 points and finished with an average snap time of .78 seconds. He scored on 11/15 snaps from 14 yards and connected on 12/15 short snaps. Keith made it into the finals of the competition as he put three snap through the target in one of the elimination rounds to advance. Keith participated at the 2012 National Scholarship Camp where he finished 2nd overall for the class of 2014. He scored 41 of 55 points and finished with an average snap time of .74 seconds. Keith showed good accuracy throughout camp and has good ball rotation. AZ
5 Pritchard , Thomas 230 6' 2" Thomas attended the 2013 National Scholarship Camp where he put 6 snaps through the target and went 12/15 on SS. He finished with an average snap time of .75 seconds with his best of .72 seconds recorded on snaps #3, #5 and #6. Thomas completed 10 reps at 225 lbs and ran a 4.9 second forty yard dash. He has smooth snap mechanics and snaps a ball with good rotation. Thomas stays consistent with his short snap velocity which helps with his accuracy. AZ
6 Prentice, Taylor 170 5' 11" Taylor attended the 2015 Eastern Showcase Camp in May where he averaged a snap time of .81 seconds. Taylor scored on 10/15 snaps from 14 yards and put 1 through the target. He also scored 7/15 on short snaps with 4 going through the target. Taylor has good ball rotation and runs well. He tested out at 2.85 seconds on the 20 yard sprint and 4.44 seconds on pro agility. PA
7 Flores, Jesse 220 6' 2" Jesse participated in the Western Showcase in December 2015 and showed talent. Jesse snapped with good velocity and finished the camp with an average snap time of .69 seconds. Jesse has good ball rotation but will benefit from being more consistent with the height of his snap. He has a large frame at 6',2" and 220 pounds and moves very well. He showed good athleticism with a 4.5 second pro agility and an 8',1" broad jump. CA
2014 Verrell, Justin 190 6' 3" During the 2013 Spring Showcase in CA Justin showed consistent accuracy and snapped the ball with good velocity. He finished camp with an average snap time of .77 seconds and snapped well during the live drill work and punt phases of camp. Justin attended the Western Showcase Event in December 2012 where he scored 27/45 points. Justin has a good frame but will benefit from getting stronger and more explosive with his mechanics. He averaged a snap time of .82 seconds which will improve with consistent ball rotation and hand acceleration. Justin showed good accuracy to the snap target as he scored on all 5 snaps of the second charted set. He had a best snap time of .79 seconds which came on snaps 1 and 15. Justin showed he can fit into a spread/shield or pro-style punt scheme with his ability to get off the LOS and kick set with good depth. CA Fresno State
2014 Wright, Wade 225 6' 1" At the 2013 Spring SC event in CA Wade showed very good ball rotation and accuracy during the live drill segment of camp. He finished with a .77 second average snap time with a his best of .74 on snap #12 of the charted snaps. Wade is a good athlete with explosive snap mechanics. During the 2012 Western Showcase in December, Wade averaged a .78 second snap time with a best of .74 seconds and scored 23/45 points. He showed consistent accuracy during drill work with both long and short snaps. His snap has good rotation and he does a good job of repeating his technique from rep to rep. Wade also showed his ability to get back in protection during the footwork evaluation segment of camp and will fit into both spread/shield or pro-style punt schemes. AZ SE Missouri St.
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