College Transfer Snappers National Rating System

06/01/12 - This is the 1st of 3 rankings Kohl's will do this year. We only evaluate campers that we have personally seen at a Kohl's camp. In order to assure yourself a ranking you must attend a Kohl's Showcase camp or the Scholarship camp. When ranking we ask the question, "If there was a college game today, is this athlete ready to help a college team win?". We look at the camp charts and take into account the different conditions at each camp. We also look strongly at how an athlete performs in drill work when they know they are being evaluated and graded. We see how they handle pressure and react in the camp competitions. We see certain athletes multiple times a year and try to grade them on their average performance. RANKINGS NOTE: Kohl's sees more athletes than anyone else in America at our 105 events. There may be over 200 Kohl's high school seniors playing college football next season. There are many good prospects at the 4.0 and 4.5 star levels that will start in college in the future.
(5.0 stars)
Rank Name Pounds Height Coach Observations State Commit
1 O'Donnell, Tim 242 5' 11" O'Donnell attended the Senior Challenge and showed he has great potential as a long snapper. He snapped with great velocity throughout the weekend and finished the charting session with an average snap time of .67 seconds. O'Donnell showed strong athleticism and quick feet. If he is able to be more consistent with his location, O'Donnell has the potential to be one of the best in the country. ---- New Mexico State
2 Becker, Cole 240 6' 1" Becker is an extremely accurate snapper. He snapped well throughout the day and finished with an average snap time of .7 seconds. He snaps a very smooth and clean ball and will be able to make an impact at the next level. AZ Cornell, University of San Diego- Offers, Tulane PWO-
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