1. 2020 National Leaderboard

    Current Kickoff & Punt Chart Leaders (2020 Training Camps Only)

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2020 Training Camp National Leaderboard

All data listed represents top performers from training camps during the 2020 training camp season who hit the biggest kickoffs and biggest punts. This list will be updated throughout the year.

Leaderboards currently reflect camp run up until 7/3/2020 during the 2020 training camp season.

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**Weather Factor: For this leaderboard, a weather factor is set for each camp to equalize advantages and/or disadvantages across each camp due to weather factors such as wind, temperature, precipitation, etc.**

National Kickoff Leaders (Biggest Kickoff)

NameClassStScoreDSTHangWeather Factor
1Ian W.2021IL120.90804.09
2Tyler B.2021WI117.10754.21
3Coby N.2016OK116.40814.04-5
4Christopher T.2021KS115.20754.02
5Liam C.2022MA114.60794.06-5
6Andrew P.2021VA114.10733.615
7Kade D.2021OK113.80784.08-5
8Cole B.2021CA113.30764.23-5
9Damien S.2021MN112.80783.98-5
10Gino M.2021NY112.60774.06-5
11Graham N.2021OH111.40764.04-5
12Nicholas Q.2022MO111.20743.72
13David K.2021FL111.10744.21-5
14Joshua R.2021AK110.30694.13
15Upton B.2022TN110.20743.62
16Jack S.2022TX110.10793.61-5
16William D.2021VA110.10713.415
18Joshua R.2021AK109.80703.98
19Logan S.2021IL109.20763.32
20Luke W.2021MD108.60673.665
21Bert A.2021TX108.10763.71-5
22Matthew H.2021MS107.80693.88
23Logan T.2021AR107.60723.56
24Carter F.2021VA107.50703.255
25Christopher T.2021KS107.40664.14
26David K.2021FL107.30704.03-3
26Jackson C.2021AL107.30753.73-5
28JP L.2021MN107.10 753.71-5
29Damien S.2021MN107.00683.9
30Nicholas Q.2022MO106.90683.89
31Jack N.2021TN106.80723.48
32Lucas O.2024VA106.50683.355
33Drake T.2021AL106.40703.64
34Ian H.2022ID106.20753.12
35Ewan J.2021TN106.10693.71
35Damien S.2021MN106.10683.81
37Erickson B.2021FL106.00703.9-3
38Joshua R.2021AK105.90703.59
39Camron W.2021WA105.80693.68
39Grayson M.2022AL105.80733.78-5
41Ryan E.2022FL105.50733.65-4
42Collyn H.2021IL105.40673.8
43Nathan B.2021IA105.30663.93
43Nick C.2022NJ105.30723.83-5
45Logan W.2014CO105.20803.52-10
46Trey S.2022MD105.10723.81-5
46Carter F.2022KS105.10 723.31
48Christian W.2021IN104.90713.89-5
49Camron W.2021WA104.80683.482
50Ian B.2022VA104.40643.545
51Damien S.2021MN104.30693.53
52Jack M.2021WA104.20703.42
53Henry B.2022GA104.10653.91
53Drew P.2021OH104.10743.51-5
53Ryan E.2021VA104.10643.515
56Noah J.2021GA104.00703.9-5
57Scott M.2021MD103.80653.385
57Nathan B.2021IA103.80653.88
59Corbin S.2022SC103.70643.97
59Dominik S.2021GA103.70663.572
61Eduardo G.2020TN103.50673.65
61Grant P.2021MO103.50663.75
61Logan B.2019MO103.50703.85-5
64Max G.2023TN103.40653.84
65Bronson L.2022NE103.20653.82
66Antonio c.2022PA103.10684.01-5
67Jax H.2021OH102.90673.59
67Logan T.2021AR102.90673.59
67Chase R.2021IL102.90683.49
70Troy H.2021MO102.80673.58

National Punt Leaders (Biggest Punt)

NameClassStScoreDSTHangWeather Factor
1Victor W.2018INT129.85634.79-5
2Louis (Trey)2019TX129.70644.38
3William D.2021VA124.80554.325
4Andrew P.2021VA122.55494.575
5Mitchell T.2021OH121.80564.72-5
6Anthony F.2020FL121.30554.42
7Joshua C.2021PA120.95504.73
8Ian W.2021IL120.75514.65
10Nigel S.2021NC118.70534.38
11Owen L.2020MO118.60524.44
12Patrick F.2021NE117.10464.74
13Charlie N.2021TN116.80524.32
14Jack N.2021TN116.20524.28
15Peyton C.2021GA116.15484.412
16Logan B.2019MO115.90514.66-5
16Liam C.2022MA115.90554.06
18Damien S.2021MN115.80573.92
19Trotter L.2021LA115.25504.35
20Coby N.2016OK114.55603.97-5
21Logan O.2021OH114.00484.4
22Henry B.2022GA113.95494.33
23John M.2021WV113.90504.063
24Grayden A.2021IN113.35484.69-5
25Brett H.2021TN113.30474.42
25Ewan J.2021TN113.30474.42
27Aidan F.2021TX113.25514.15
28Thomas R.2021MO113.10514.14
29Ethan B.2021MO113.00504.2
30Emilio D.2023OH112.75404.85
31Nick P.2018IA112.35543.89
32Isaac D.2021IN111.80524.32-5
33Nate V.2021IL111.65 574.31-10
34Nathan B.2021IA111.45454.43
35Noah J.2021GA111.40484.56-5
36Branden F.2021WI111.30484.22
36Upton B.2022TN111.30514.02
38Elliott W.2022OH111.00454.4
38Mark S.2018MI111.00484.2
40James P.2021VA110.85434.195
41Ronan S.2021PA110.70474.58-5
42Kaeden B.2021110.45524.23-5
43Grant N.2021TX110.35464.29
44Davis G.2021GA110.10504.34-5
45Carter D.2021FL110.05484.47-5
46Noah N.2021AR109.90494.06
47Liam C.2022MA109.65504.31-5
48Breken T.2022WI109.55503.97
48Alejandro Q2021TX109.55494.37-5
50Brady H.2021TN109.30494.02
51Jackson D.2021CO109.10484.74-10
52Graham N.2021OH108.60414.84-5
53Michael B.2021PA108.30424.223
53Collyn H.2021IL108.30424.42
55Jack M.2021WA107.80464.12
56Logan S.2021IL107.70454.18
57Grant N.2021TX107.65484.31-5
57Cole L.2021NE107.65434.31
59Zach H.2021NE107.60444.24
59Charlie N.2021TN107.60494.24-5

National Long Snapping Leaders (Highest Camp Score)

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