1. Why Choose Kohl's?

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Why Choose Kohl's?


All of the following professional athletes have been trained by Kohl's at some point in their career or have been helped with exposure. As you will see, the majority of the listed players have trained with us multiple times. Many of the techniques and ideas dominating the NFL and our training curriculum have come directly from players on this list. We are very proud of this list and feel this is the most transparent listing in the industry. We have noticed many in our industry claiming top athletes when the truth is they meet them at a neutral event or never personally trained them. Everyone on the list has personally trained with our Senior Staff. -Jamie Kohl

NameSchoolPro TeamPosCurrent NFL Roster# of Kohl's CampsKohl's Within Last 3 YearsPlayed in NFL GamePlayed in PreseasonMini-Camp
1Thomas MorsteadSMUSaintsP/KOYes15+YesYes
2Marquette KingFort Valley StateRaidersPYes15+YesYes
3Zane GonzalezASUBrownsKYes15+YesYes
4Dustin HopkinsFlorida StateRedskinsKYes15+YesYes
5Riley DixonSyracuseBroncosPYes15+YesYes
6Cody ParkeyAuburnDolphinsKYes15+YesYes
7Brad PinionClemson49ersP/KOYes15+YesYes
8Wil LutzGa StateSaintsKYes 6-15YesYes
9Chandler CatanzaroClemsonJetsKYes 6-15YesYes
10Caleb SturgisFloridaEaglesKYes 6-15YesYes
11Drew KaserTexas A&MChargersPYes 6-15YesYes
12Roberto AguayoFlorida StateBuccaneersK
13Jake ElliotMemphisEaglesKYes 6-15YesYes
14Matt HaackASUDolphinsPYes 6-15YesYes
15Giorgio TavecchioCaliforniaRaidersKYes 6-15YesYes
16Nick RoseTexas49ersKYes 2-5YesYes
17Chris BoswellRiceSteelersKYes 2-5YesYes
18Brandon McManusTempleBroncosKYes 2-5Yes
19Kyle NelsonNMSU49ersLSYes 2-5 (coach)YesYes
20Randy BullockTexas A&MBengalsKYes 2-5Yes
21Brad NortmanWisconsinPanthersPYes 2-5Yes
22Nick SundbergCaliforniaRedskinsLSYes 2-5YesYes
23Tyler OttHarvardSeahawksLSYes 2-5YesYes
24Pat O'DonnellMiamiBearsPYes 2-5YesYes
25Ryan QuigleyBoston CollegeVikingsPYes 2-5YesYes
26Thomas HennesseyDukeJetsLSYes 2-5Yes
27Reid FergusonLSUBillsLSYes 2-5Yes
28Grahm GanoFlorida StatePanthersKYes1YesYes
29Justin TuckerTexasRavensKYes1Yes
30Dan BaileyOklahoma StateCowboysKYes1Yes
31Justin VogelMiamiPackersPYes1YesYes
32Joe CardonaNavyPatriotsLSYes1YesYes
33Tress WayOklahomaRedskinsPYes1YesYes
34Kasey RedfernWoffordLionsPYes1Yes
35Rick LovatoOld DominionEaglesLSYes1Yes
36Jeff LockeUCLALionsP/KOYes1Yes
37Johnny HekkerOregon StateRamsPYes2-5 (coach)Yes
38Collin HolbaLouisvilleSteelersLSDrafted 2-5YesYes
39Harrison ButkerGA TechJaguarsPDrafted15+YesYes
40Tim MasthayKentuckyPackersP7 Years 15+YesYes
41Matt DarrTennesseeDolphinsP2 Years 15+YesYes
42Pat McAfeeWest VirginiaColtsP8 Years 6-15Yes
43Justin DrescherColoradoSaintsLS7 Years1YesYes
44Brett HartmannCentral MichiganTexansP/KO1 Years 15+YesYes
45Garrett HartleyOklahomaSaintsK8 Years 6-15YesYes
46Andrew FranksRPIDolphinsK1 Year 2-5Yes
47Zach HockerArkansasBuccaneersK1 Year 6-15YesYes
48Richie LeoneHoustonCardinalsP 2-5Yes
49John PotterWestern MichiganBillsK 6-15YesYes
50Jacob DombrowskiHarvardBillsP 15+YesYes
51Jon BrownLouisvilleBengalsK 6-15Yes
52Chris HighlandIll StateTexansLS 6-15YesYes
53Garrett HartleyOklahomaSaintsK8 Years 6-15YesYes
54Andrew FranksRPIDolphinsK1 Years 2-5Yes
55Nate FreeseBoston CollegeLionsK1 Years1Yes
56Kyle BrindzaNotre DameBuccaneersK/P2 Years 2-5YesYes
57TJ ConleyIdahoJetsP4 Years 2-5Yes
58Devon BellMississippi StateColtsK/P 15+YesYes
59Nolan FreseHoustonSeahawksLS1Yes
60Marshall KoehnIowaVikingsK 15+YesYes
61Winston ChapmanMississippi StateDolphinsLS 6-15YesYes
62Taylor SymmankTexas TechVikingsP 6-15YesYes
63Ross MartinDukeJetsK 6-15YesYes
64Corey CarterTexas SouthernTexansP 2-5Yes
65Ty LongUABCFLK 6-15YesYes
66Jesse SchmidtPurdueSaintsLS 6-15YesYes
67Dax DellenbachFlorida StateBuccaneersLS 2-5Yes
68Brett BaerLa LafayetteRamsK/P 15+YesYes
69Andrew EastVanderbiltRaidersLS 2-5YesYes
70Dillon KiddIowaSaintsP 6-15YesYes
71Morgan LineberryAbilene ChristianPanthersK 15+YesYes
72Andrew BaggettMissouriBrownsK 15+YesYes
73Steven ClarkAuburnRaidersP 15+YesYes
74Tom ObarskiConcordiaGiantsK 15+YesYes
75Jeff BudzeinNorthwesternJaguarsK 15+YesYes
76Travis BaltzMarylandJetsP 15+YesYes
77Jay KarutzEastern MichiganBearsP 6-15
78Hunter LawrenceTexasBuccaneersK 6-15Yes
79Ben LecompteNDSUBearsP/KO 6-15YesYes
80Conor LeePittSteelersK 15+YesYes
81Zach PaulAkronBrownsP/KO 15+YesYes
82Carey SpearVanderbiltEaglesK 6-15YesYes
83Pete MortellMinnesotaPackersP 6-15YesYes
84Kirby Vander KampIowa StateBuccaneersP 6-15Yes
85Jaden OberkromTCUJaguarsK 6-15Yes
86Kyle LoomisPortland StateSeahawksP1YesYes
87Spencer RothBaylorBillsP 2-5Yes
88Joe GardenerWhitewaterBrownsP 15+YesYes
89Marvin KlossSouth FloridaBrownsK 6-15YesYes
90PJ MangieriNebraskaJaguarsLS 6-15YesYes
91Casey CasperWhitewaterChiefsLS 15+YesYes
92Bobby CowanIdahoRaidersP 2-5Yes
93Anthony FeraTexasDolphinsK 2-5Yes
94Ryan TydlackaKentuckyEaglesP 2-5Yes
95Mike SadlerMichigan StateBuccaneersP 15+YesYes
96Kyle ChristyFloridaVikingsP 6-15YesYes
97Trey BarrowMissouriChiefsK/P 6-15YesYes
98Pantelis KontodiakosColorado StatePanthersP 2-5Yes
99Kip SmithOklahoma StateEaglesK/P 6-15YesYes
100Derek DimkeIllinoisSaintsK 6-15YesYes
101Sergio CastilloWest TX A&MSaintsK 2-5Yes
102Casey BarthNorth CarolinaFalconsK 2-5Yes
103Forest HillAuburnDolphinsLS 6-15YesYes
104Cody MandellAlabamaPackersP/KO 15+YesYes
105Andy WilderNorthern AZBuccaneersP/KO 2-5YesYes
106Mattais CiabattiSouth FloridaRedskinsP 2-5YesYes
107Chad HedlundSMUBrownsK 6-15YesYes
108AJ HughesVa TechSaintsP 2-5YesYes
109Jamie KeehnLSUPanthersP1YesYes
110Chris LiderMontanaSeahawksK/P 2-5YesYes
111Kris RosholtWhitewaterPackersP 6-15Yes
112Kevin GoesslingFresno StateRaidersK 2-5YesYes
113Phil WelchWisconsinBearsK 6-15Yes
114Jason CunninghamMontana StateChiefsK 2-5Yes
115Jose MaltosMexicoSaintsK 2-5YesYes
116Matt DooleyIndianaSteelersLS 2-5YesYes
117Nick DooleyUtepSaintsLS 2-5YesYes
118Jeff OverbaughSDSUBroncosLS 2-5Yes
119Will MondayDukeSteelersP 15+YesYes
120Corey AcostaSouthern Miss49ersK 2-5YesYes
121Taylor BertoletTexas A&MRamsK 6-15YesYes
122Justin MedlockUCLACFLK/P1YesYes
123Dylan BreedingArkansasRedskinsP 2-5YesYes
124Andrew FurneyWashington StateJetsK 2-5Yes
125Paul LaytonTemplePackersP 2-5Yes
126Brandon HartsonHoustonSteelersLS 2-5YesYes
127Mitch EwaldIndianaBearsK 6-15Yes
128Will JohnsonTexas StateTexansK1Yes
129Anthony PistelliSamfordSaintsK1YesYes
130Kirk WillisCincinnatiBengalsLS 2-5YesYes
131Adam KellerNDSUVikingsK 2-5Yes
132Anthony CanteleKansas StateBuccaneersK 2-5Yes
133Ryan DoerrKansas StateBroncosP1Yes
134Scott LopanoPennBuccaneersK 2-5Yes
135Beau MotheSE LouisianaBuccaneersP 6-15YesYes
136Zac PedersonIllinoisBearsK 2-5Yes
137Sean SellwoodUtahFalconsK/P1Yes
138Greg WoodValparaisoBearsP 2-5Yes
139Matt YoklicPittFalconsP 2-5Yes
140David NadeauUM DuluthPackersK 2-5Yes
141Marshall MorganGeorgiaBillsK1YesYes
142Ben TurkNotre DameTexansP1YesYes
143Anthony AlixCanadaCFLK/P 2-5Yes
144Craig PetersonCortlandAFLK/P 2-5Yes
145Lindsey WolfeFort Valley StateAFLK 2-5Yes
146Andre HedariUSCAFLK 6-15Yes

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