1. 3 Things Athletes Can Do At Home To Impact Their Future

    Things you should be doing during this time of uncertainty.

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This is obviously an unprecedented time in not only our country but our world. People's lives are being turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects on what we consider our "normal lives" are very real.

Amid all of these things, you need to push forward. The Kohl's staff wants to encourage you to use this time at home to your advantage. Your time at home can be very valuable, but only IF YOU MAKE IT VALUABLE.

1) Proactive Recruiting

SCHOOLS ARE STILL RECRUITING. The NCAA has limited coaches by keeping them off of the road and out of airports, but coaches are still able to call and initiate conversations with prospects. Kohl's athletes THIS WEEK have received offers via phone calls and FaceTime conversations with college coaches.

If you are not being proactive with recruiting during this time, you will fall behind. Don't wait for coaches to contact you-- control your own destiny.

  • Contact Coaches - Make a long list of schools that fit your academic and athletic goals. Be realistic, but don't be afraid to include a few dream schools, as well as fall-back schools. Hop on their website and find their contacts!
  • Video - If you are able, get coaches recent film as often as you can. Send your Hudl highlights, then send them again. Be persistent!
  • Build Relationships - Use this time to build relationships with coaches, and show them you're interested in their program.

2) Workout & Get Reps

Stay in shape! It's easy to sit in front of the TV all day when you spend day-after-day at home. Put the Xbox controller down and get moving. Once this all passes, things in the college football recruiting world will move fast. Kohl's athletes, if you're not in kicking or snapping shape, you will fall behind FAST.

Get in a daily routine of working out and getting reps. If you have the space, go kick, punt, or snap in the backyard. Keep your mechanics primed, and understand you should still be making technical progress during this time. Toss your flats on and get it done in the basement if needed.

Those with the fewest excuses will have an edge. Get it done!

3) Help Out!

If there is anything that brings joy in a time of uncertainty, it's people helping people. Make sure you are helping out your parents, guardian, grandparents and anyone else in any way that is needed. If there's any time for you to step up and help out, now is the time! If you're not sure how you can help, ASK! Of course, keep social distancing in mind.

Everyone's situation is different, and a simple task may mean the world to someone.

Good deeds go a long way within your community. They build character, trust, and lasting relationships. Don't just do it to LOOK good. Do it because it IS good.

Keep your head up, feet moving, and go get it!

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