1. Kohl's Kicking Athletes Sweep 2017 NFL Draft

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It was a clean sweep for Kohl's Kicking specialists at the 2017 NFL Draft, with all four specialists selected by NFL teams having trained with the Kohl's staff year after year, and most of them since high school. Many athletes have continued to sign as undrafted free agents post-draft. UDFA specialists signings are expected to continue this week and leading up to team mini camps. We will update this blog as we get word on specialists signing.

Nfl Draft Specialists

* - Notates trained at Kohl's College Elite Camp

^ - Notates trained with Kohl's staff in 2016-2017 leading up to draft

Drafted Specialists

*^Jake Elliott (K) - Bengals - 5th RD

*^Colin Holba (LS) - Steelers - 6th RD

*^Zane Gonzalez (K) - Browns - 7th RD

*^Harrison Butker (K) - Panthers - 7th RD

Undrafted Free Agent Signings/Minicamp Invitations

*^Jake Hurrell (LS) - Ravens

*^Bobby Puyol (K) - Ravens

*^Justin Vogel (P) - Packers

*^Toby Baker (P) - Jets

Thomas Hennessy (LS) - Colts

*Kenny Allen (K) - Ravens

*^Nolan Dowling (LS) - Chiefs

*^Worth Gregory (P) - Jaguars

Ben Grogan (K) - Saints

*Ethan Wood (P) - Titans

*Dalton Parks (P) - Chiefs

Greg Hohenstein (LS) - Chargers

*^Matt Haack (P) - Dolphins

Michael Martin (LS) - Patriots

Scott Daly (LS) - Bears

^Chris Blewitt (K) - Steelers

*^Matthew Wyman (K) - Saints

^Alex Knight (P) - Jaguars

^Elliott Fry (P) - Bucs

(List will continue to update as UDFA signings and minicamp invitations come in)

Recent Regular Free Agents Signed or Minicamp Invite

*^Winston Chapman (LS) - Dolphins

*^Dillon Kidd (P) - Saints

*^Will Monday (P) - Chiefs

Giorgio Tavecchio (K) - Raiders

*^Marshall Koehn (K) - Vikings

*^Taylor Symmank (P) - Vikings

*Andrew East (LS) - Rams

Nick Rose (K) - 49ers

*Corey Carter (P) - Texans

*Richie Leonie (P) - Cardinals

*Jesse Schmit (LS) - Saints

*Tyler Ott (LS) - Seahawks

*^Dax Dellenbach (LS) - Bucs

*Joshua Gable (P) - Patriots

^Matt Dooley (LS) - Vikings

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