1. Austin, TX - 1 Day Training Camp

    St. Michael's Catholic Academy
    03/18/2017 – 03/18/2017

Training Camp Generic

Official Camp Results


NameClassStateHeightWeightD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeTime DeductionScore
NameClassStateHeightWeightD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeTime DeductionScore
M. Bobak2018PA5' 11"19644.004.1648.004.3139.003.8543.674.11105.27
J. Bohrer2021TX5' 8"14025.003.2220.003.0324.003.4023.003.2271.25
L. Burton2023TXN/A8111.002.2110.002.5110.002.0910.332.2744.38
S. Eccles2023TX5' 1"9826.003.1421.003.6130.002.9225.673.2274.02
R. Hanson2019TX6' 2"20041.004.1542.004.3842.003.8241.674.12103.42
C. Koenig2018TX6' 3"18042.003.7240.003.8736.003.5339.333.7194.93
J. McCormick2018TX6' 2"15235.003.3542.003.9145.004.1640.673.8197.77
J. Rorer2021TX5' 4"12525.003.4223.003.2425.002.8024.333.1571.63
A. Rychlik2019TX5' 8"13030.003.4130.003.7234.003.6631.333.6085.28
J. Sheilan20175' 10"15039.003.4630.003.0331.002.9733.333.1580.63

Field Goals

There have been no snapping attempts recorded for this camp.

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