1. Birmingham, AL- 1 Day Training Camp

    Thompson Intermediate School
    06/26/2018 – 06/26/2018

Training Camp Small

Official Camp Results


NameClassStateHeightWeightFGD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeScore
NameClassStateHeightWeightFGD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeScore
Parker C.2019ALN/A17369.003.6664.002.9167.003.5766.673.38100.47
Jacob D.2021AL5' 9"17045.002.7343.002.9446.002.6744.672.7872.47
Elliot D.2022AL5' 8"15030.001.6545.002.7447.002.8240.672.4064.70
Daniel E.2019AL5' 10"13864.003.3652.003.5161.003.5559.003.4793.73
Ben k.2021AL5' 10"13037.002.5641.002.1341.002.4139.672.3763.33
Thomas K.2019FL6' 3"19548.002.8550.002.8655.002.7351.002.8179.13
Stephen ("Drew") S.2019AL5' 10"17249.003.1042.002.9856.002.8349.002.9778.70
Jackson S.2020AL5' 10"14261.003.4364.003.5466.003.0363.673.3397.00
John Michael T.2024AL5' 3"12834.002.2133.002.4534.002.2133.672.2956.57


NameClassStateHeightWeightD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeTime DeductionScore
NameClassStateHeightWeightD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeTime DeductionScore
Parker C.2019ALN/A17337.003.1031.002.7527.002.6931.672.8574.37
Jacob D.2021AL5' 9"17017.003.2121.002.6620.003.1919.333.0264.63
Elliot D.2022AL5' 8"15029.003.4623.002.8121.003.2224.333.1671.78
Daniel E.2019AL5' 10"13829.003.9023.004.1231.003.8727.673.9687.12
Ben k.2021AL5' 10"13027.002.9627.003.2817.003.2523.673.1671.12
Thomas K.2019FL6' 3"19539.003.5236.003.5729.003.9134.673.6789.67
Connor M.2019FLN/A18032.003.7133.003.3528.003.3531.003.4783.05
Evan M.2020AL6' 4"21034.004.2142.004.3441.004.4739.004.34104.10
Stephen ("Drew") S.2019AL5' 10"17226.002.7527.003.3729.002.9927.333.0472.88
Jackson S.2020AL5' 10"14221.002.3626.003.7733.003.2126.673.1173.37
John Michael T.2024AL5' 3"12816.002.8619.002.7816.002.6517.002.7658.45

Field Goals

There have been no snapping attempts recorded for this camp.

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