1. Cincinnati, OH - 1 Day Training Camp

    Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
    06/13/2018 – 06/13/2018

Training Camp Small Springfield

Official Camp Results


NameClassStateHeightWeightFGD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeScore
NameClassStateHeightWeightFGD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeScore
M. Crawford2022OH5' 8"15043.002.6250.003.0242.002.7345.002.7972.90
S. Earnest2019OH5' 10"17060.003.2857.003.3463.003.5660.003.3993.93
G. Ertel2020OH5' 8"16043.002.9148.002.8439.001.9643.332.5769.03
T. Gronotte2021KY5' 11"14939.001.8950.002.6151.002.9346.672.4871.43
R. Leigeb2020KY5' 10"15060.003.1256.003.1154.002.7956.673.0186.73
C. Mangold2019OH6' 2"18965.003.3959.003.5460.003.5561.333.4996.27
L. Neumaier2020OH5' 10"15057.002.4741.002.5135.002.0344.332.3467.70
B. Pethtel2019OH5' 10"16559.003.2856.003.4247.003.2854.003.3387.27
T. Schul2019KYN/A17550.002.5344.003.0341.002.1845.002.5870.80
C. Seger2019KY5' 11"16543.002.9654.003.0644.002.7247.002.9176.13


NameClassStateHeightWeightD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeTime DeductionScore
NameClassStateHeightWeightD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeTime DeductionScore
G. Bryant2022OH5' 6"14017.002.4510.001.9825.002.8117.332.4153.53
E. Bustamante2020OHN/A18025.002.9632.003.3820.003.4325.673.2674.52
M. Crawford2022OH5' 8"15027.002.5235.003.4621.003.2127.673.0673.62
S. Earnest2019OH5' 10"17030.002.5840.003.4743.003.5337.673.1985.57
G. Ertel2020OH5' 8"16026.002.1818.003.4325.002.6223.002.7464.15
J. Ferron2020INN/AN/A30.003.5327.003.3129.002.7228.673.1976.47
T. Gronotte2021KY5' 11"14931.003.0930.002.8226.003.1929.003.0374.50
B. Krimm2019OH6' 3"21544.003.3152.003.9762.004.1352.673.80109.72
R. Leigeb2020KY5' 10"15027.002.7825.002.7625.003.5325.673.0271.02
C. Mangold2019OH6' 2"1899.003.6934.003.9230.003.9924.333.8782.33
L. Neumaier2020OH5' 10"15024.003.1732.003.4129.003.0628.333.2176.53
B. Pethtel2019OH5' 10"16526.003.8128.004.0637.004.2130.334.0390.73
T. Schul2019KYN/A17529.003.9934.003.3835.003.7332.673.7088.17
C. Seger2019KY5' 11"16533.003.4641.003.6927.003.5833.673.5887.32

Field Goals

There have been no snapping attempts recorded for this camp.

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