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Gardener Joe Hero


March 15th – August 1st, 2020

  • TBD
  • Chicago, IL

Kickers, Punters, Long Snappers

We are excited to work with many of the Chicago Area's top specialist! We will cover kicking, punting, and long snapping at every practice. Every practice will have a focus on a particular fundamental. Every athlete will receive a proper warm-up and cool down along with professional personal coaching that will be adjusted each practice to meet the athlete's personal needs.

Coach Gardener's Bio - Kicking and Punting

- Full-time Kohl's staff member in 2014 - NFL tryouts with the Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, and Cleveland Browns - Competed at Multiple NFL events - Played college football at UW-Whitewater during the 2013 season -5 years in Portugal as highest points scorer in the rugby championship, member of Portuguese national rugby team, 1 year in France, and 1 year in Japan playing professionally as well - Will assist Jamie Kohl to run Training Camps and do National Rankings

Coach Sidders' Bio - Long Snapping

- Served as a National Snapping Instructor for Kohl’s Snapping Camps since 2016. In that time he has worked alongside Coach Casper when it comes to the Under Armour and Blue/Grey All American game selections, as well as with the ESPN and Kohl’s National Rankings. Coach Sidders started 29 games over a 4 year career at NCAA FBS Middle Tennessee State University. Coach Sidders began training with Kohl’s in 2006 and began coaching for them in 2011. Over the last 9 years, Coach Sidders has worked with many high school, collegiate and professional snappers and helped them achieve their highest success. Coach Sidders is a passionate individual who goes above and beyond for his players.

If you have any questions about this program or any of the payment options we offer, email heidi@kohlskicking.com.

2020 Training Dates will be updated as locations are finalized at the beginning of the year

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Chicago , IL • March 15, 2020


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