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March 14th – July 31st, 2021

  • TBD
  • Columbia, SC

We are excited to work with many of the Columbia Area's top specialist! We will cover both kicking & punting, at every practice. Every practice will have a focus on a particular kicking & punting fundamental. Every athlete will receive a proper warm-up and cool down along with professional personal coaching that will be adjusted each practice to meet the athlete's personal needs.

Coach Anthony Giugliano Bio:

Anthony has been training kickers and punters for 5 years in Columbia, SC. Prior to playing at Charleston Southern University, Anthony was a 1st Team All-Conference, All Area and All State High School Kicker. Currently Anthony trains DI and DII kickers along with numerous High School and Middle School kickers as well. Anthony has been coaching Showcases and College Camps with Kohls since 2011. Training kickers is his passion which he receives full support for from his wife Jennifer and daughter Maria.

If you have any questions about this program or any of the payment options we offer, email heidi@kohlskicking.com.

2021 Training Dates:

  • To be released early 2021

The first practice will be 12pm - 5pm. All other practices will be 1.5 hours between 12pm - 3pm, you will be assigned by Coach Giugliano

Check out the packages that include the training divisions: https://kohlskicking.com/camp-savings-packages



Columbia , SC • March 14, 2021


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