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    Houston, TX

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October 28th, 2018

  • Bridgeland High School
  • 10707 Mason Rd
  • Cypress, TX 77433

This in-season event is aimed to give each camper real coaching and technical feedback. This event is also designed to give everyone a chance to be charted on limited reps and get a Kohl’s evaluation of your current level of performance.

Every athlete who attends this event will receive:

  • Kohl's teaching manual
  • Kohl's performance t-shirt
  • Personal film breakdown
  • On field drill work (limited reps due to being in-season)
  • An emailed personal evaluation on athlete’s current performance level
  • Suggested steps towards future goals
  • Charted on KO's, Punts
  • Charting results posted on kohlskicking.com
  • A chance to compete against other top specialists

NOTE: We will not rank athletes nationally from this event, this should take the pressure to perform off and allow our staff and the athletes a real chance to see what is the best course of action in the months and years to come.

If you are signing up as a kicker/punter combo:

  • Cost is $275
  • Scheduled time is from 12pm - 4pm

If you are signing up as a kicker only:

  • Cost is $200
  • Scheduled time is from 12pm - 2pm

If you are signing up as a punter only:

  • Cost is $200
  • Scheduled time is from 2pm - 4pm




Cypress , TX • October 28, 2018


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