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Hold Harmless

I hereby apply for a reservation for my child at Kohl's Football Camps/OLINE CLINIC, LLC. I understand the camp/clinic procedures for applications, deposits, and refunds. I understand the Kohl's summer Kicking Camps/OLINE CLINIC, LLC are not recreational camps/clinics, and I understand that they stress repetitious training in specific sports skills. I understand that any participant who does not abide by camp/clinic rules may be dismissed from camp/clinic with no refund.

Photo/Video Clause: I understand that the KOHL'S/OLINE CLINIC, LLC may take photographs/video of camp/clinic participants and activities. I agree that KOHL'S/OLINE CLINIC, LLC shall be the owner of an may use such photographs relating to the promotion of future camps. I relinquish all rights that I may claim in relation to the use of said photographs.

Kohl's National Rating System (NRS): Kohl's Camps reserves the right to rate qualified athletes participating at any Kohl's camp in a fair, objective, non partial manner. Only athletes of college potential will be rated. Should an athlete or parent not want a rating listed, Kohl's will remove the listed rating for that athlete per their request and a $200 processing fee. Kohl's National Rating System (NRS) is meant to help and be a clear accurate gauge of an athlete's skill and potential. It is not a guarantee of future performance in high school or college; nor is it a guarantee of a college scholarship.. Kohl's reserves the right to correct any errors in the printed rating results, higher or lower, to a correct NRS number.

Insurance Info: All KOHL'S/OLINE CLINIC, LLC participants are required to be covered by personal medical insurance.

Hold Harmless: If your son, daughter or ward will be under the age of 18 years while at our camp/clinic, it is our policy to secure your consent for medical treatment. In case of illness or injury, permission is granted to treat the participant at an appropriate medical facility. By signing above, you are giving you consent in advance for medical treatment. Furthermore, as a participant in the football camp/clinic, I hereby state that I am aware of and accept the risk inherent in the program activity. The undersigned does hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify Kohl's Professional Kicking Camps, OLINE CLINIC, LLC, Counselors, Coaches, or Owners, from any and all liability of injury, loss, damages, costs, or expenses which are sustained, incurred or required arising out of the action of my dependent in the course of camp/clinic.

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