Height: 6" 0' | Weight: 175lbs

    Class of 2021 | WI

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    Kohl's Comments

    Fischer recently attended the 2018 Midwest Winter Showcase. He charted in all three disciplines at camp and had a solid day kicking and punting. He scored 3 points in the field goal charting portion and was able to chart a big ball of 54 yards with 3.03 seconds. He has repeatable steps and good hips while attacking the football. Creating cleaner rotation and controlling his hips towards his target should help increase his command of his field goals. He hit several 40+ yard punts and was able to generate spirals effortlessly in the punt charting. He also scored points during the roll-out portion of camp. Continued emphasis on creating consistent ball flight to his power zone will help his punting increase even more.


      Camp Results

      10/06/2018Milwaukee, WI Fall Assessment Event

      December 8, 2018 Midwest Winter Showcase



      Distance: 59.00 yards – Hang time: 3.19
      Distance: 57.00 yards – Hang time: 3.18
      Distance: 51.00 yards – Hang time: 3.23
      Distance: 48.00 yards – Hang time: 2.54
      Average Distance: 53.75 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.04 seconds


      Distance: 49.00 yards – Hang time: 4.21
      Distance: 40.00 yards – Hang time: 3.91
      Distance: 39.00 yards – Hang time: 3.31
      Distance: 38.00 yards – Hang time: 3.76
      Distance: 36.00 yards – Hang time: 3.29
      Distance: 30.00 yards – Hang time: 2.21
      Average Distance: 38.67 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.45 seconds

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