Kohl's Kicking Becomes Selection Partner For Blue-Grey Bowl Games

As Kohl's Kicking has continued to grow as the leader in the kicking and long snapping communities, this year is no different.  We are happy to announce that Kohl's has partnered with the Blue-Grey All-American Bowls to provide athletes yet another big stage to showcase their talents.

The Blue-Grey All American Bowls are in their 5th year, showing both a large growth in talent and exposure.  With three games played in NFL stadiums, Dallas Cowboy's AT&T Stadium, Oakland Raiders' Coliseum and Jacksonville's EverBank Field, Blue-Grey provides an excellent platform for experience and exposure.

2016 NFL Draft Pays Off Big For Kohl's Kicking Athletes

The 2016 NFL Draft was a special weekend for longtime Kohl's Kicking Camp athletes. The first major highlight of the NFL Draft for Kohl's specialists came in just the 2nd round, when kicker Roberto Aguayo of Florida State was selected by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. The pick makes Aguayo the highest draft pick for a kicker in the past 11 years. The first punter to be selected in the 2016 NFL Draft came in the 6th round when the San Diego Chargers selected Drew Kaser or Texas A&M. Then, in the 7th round the Denver Broncos selected Riley Dixon of Syracuse. All athletes have been a regular part of the Kohl's Kicking program.

Kohl's Announces College Kicking Camps We Will Be Leading in 2016!

Kohl's will lead college Kicking camps all over nation this summer. It is an honor to be trusted by many of the top coaches in the NCAA. We are excited to announce our summer college tour. College coaches know we see more high school campers than anyone else in America. They also have grown to know and trust our word over the last 17 years. The quality of our college camp tour is proof of the strong relationships that exist between Kohl's and the nation's top college coaches. This is a great chance for 2017/2018 kickers, punters, and snappers to receive training and to been seen by top college coaches. To register for a college camp, please go to their websites to sign up....NOTE: Kohl's cannot rank anyone at a college/NCAA camp

USA Today Highlights Coach Kohl's Advice in 3-Part Recruiting Series

USA Today columnist Patrick O'Brien released a three part series in which he covered recruiting in the digital age. Coach Jamie Kohl, director of Kohl's Kicking Camps, was a key source along with others in the series providing some vital insight into recruiting. You can read the series below.

"Getting Recruited to Play Sports in the Digital Age" -by Patrick O'Brien


Part 1: Pregame 

Pregame words of advice from Coach Jamie Kohl

Hello All,

Tonight is the start of the season for many high school teams. I just wanted to write everyone and wish you all the best. The staff and I want to hear about how things go this fall. Here are a couple things to keep in mind as game-time approaches!

1. Friday night football games are a special time in your life. You only have so many chances and then its over. ENJOY the games and the process. If it’s not fun, then something is wrong. Don’t let the pressure take the fun out of the game…..

2. You have prepared and dedicated a lot of time and effort towards being successful. This preparation should give you the confidence to perform. You can be free to accept the results because you have prepared properly.

2015 NFL Draft OUTSTANDING for Current Kohl's Athletes!

The 2015 NFL Draft was a special one for longtime Kohl's Kicking Camp athletes. The highlight of the NFL Draft for Kohl's specialists came back-to-back in the 5th round when the 49ers selected punter Bradley Pinion of Clemson. San Francisco's selection was immediatley followed by the Patriots pick of Navy long snapper Joe Cardona.

Immediatley following the NFL Draft, an overwhelming amount of kickers, punters and snappers from the Kohl's program were offerred contracts, mini camp and training camp opportunities.

Kohl's Kicking Athlete NFL Signings & Camp Invites

Jamie Kohl's latest article on highlights top specialists in Class of 2015

Kohl's Kicking Camp Director and ESPN Evaluator Jamie Kohl along with Kohl's Kicking Assistant Lead Coach Luke Radke share on their evaluations for the top kickers in the Class of 2015 who could very well have an immediate impact at their college programs of choice in 2015.

Read their article on ESPN: Highlighting top specialists in Class of 2015

Top Kickers in Class of 2015

2014 NFL Draft was huge for Kohl's Campers!

The 2014 NFL Draft took the best football players from college football. Kickers, punters, and snappers are generally not drafted high but they always make a big impact on the upcoming season. The 2014 NFL draft was another great year for Kohl's camps. We did more combine/senior day preparations and talked with more NFL special teams coaches than ever before. This year alone, we had a total of 20 guys who have attended a Kohl's training event throughout their career get an opportunity to play in the NFL. We want to wish them the best in the next 4-5 months in making the NFL! 

To see their profiles: CLICK HERE

Zach Hocker drafted Redskins

Kohl's finalizes All-American games selections!

Each year Kohl's sees America's top kickers, punters, and snappers. The Under Armour All-America Game and the Semper-Fi All-American Games rely solely on Kohl's to select the best high school kickers, punters, and snappers to play in their games. We also get asked for input in other post-season All-Star games.

We are proud to announce these All-American Game selections. Please tune into Fox Sports on Jan. 6th 2014 for the Semper-Fi All-American Game and ESPN on Jan 2nd, 2014 for the Under Armour All-America Game. We are very proud to select the following players:

UNDER ARMOUR ALL-AMERICANS who earned spots at Kohl's National Scholarship Camp in July 2013. It was the nation's largest special teams event with close to 500 high school competitors. 

Kohl's Private Kicking and Punting Lessons taught by former NFL and College stars

In the fall of 2013 Kohl's is offering advanced training for anyone wanting to get detailed coaching in a small camper to coach situation. We are proud to announce the following coaches have been added to the senior staff and will be coaching kickers and punters all across the country. These are coaches who have been taught the Kohl's system and are trusted members of our staff. They will provide expert training for anyone looking for an in-season tune up or post-season traininig session. Go to to learn more! 

 Brett Baar, NCAA all-time FG % leader at ULL. Played in 3 pre-season NFL games this summer for the St. Louis Rams. Brett will be coaching in the Lafayette Louisiana area. 

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